Sunday, January 25, 2015

Speaking in Tongues

My friend Robin's church was planning a missions trip to Central America, I don't recall which country.   Robin thought about it often, played it over in her mind but would say to herself, no way, that is not for me.  Others would ask her to join and she would say, sorry, not for me!

A few days before the group was to leave, someone fell ill and could not go.  The group's leader asked Robin again, and said he wouldn't take no for an answer.  She tried---she really, really tried. But for every excuse she gave, he had a remedy.   Finally Robin gave up, realizing this was where God wanted her to go.

The first night at the mission site the church group gathered for prayer and worship.  The pastor of the hosting church spoke at length in Spanish---Robin could not  understand a single word.  While the pastor continued, Robin prayed to God:  "Since you have brought me to this place to do Your work, and I gladly submit to be Your servant, I ask you to grant me this one thing.  Give me the gift of tongues.  Let me be able to understand what this pastor says and let me be able to speak to him in his native tongue."

As she finished the prayer, the host pastor began making rounds to personally greet everyone and he was approaching Robin.  She began to get nervous, hoping God would grant her this blessing of tongues.......the pastor reached her, put out his hand to shake hers and said in perfect English, with an American accent "Welcome, I am Pastor Michael, and what is your name?"

Robin thought she would faint!   For a split second thought she was understanding Spanish!   Then she realized that in a way, God did answer her prayer---she was able to understand the pastor and was able to speak to him so that he could understand her---it just wasn't in Spanish, but in his native tongue:  English.

God has such a wonderful sense of humor, doesn't he??

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