Friday, January 23, 2015

My Overly Simplistic View on Heaven

Simple thoughts from my Simple Mind!

I often wonder what Heaven is like.  

There really are not that many details in Heaven, 
But by all indications it is a wonderful place.   

No sickness, no death, no war.  

Surrounded by warmth, beauty and love.  

And some people have gone to Heaven 
And come back to describe what it was like. 

And the one theme I see in common with these folks 
is that there are no words to describe what they saw and felt!  

It is beyond description! 
There may be a few details here and there, 
But the "overall-ness" of it can't be described.

So that really makes me wonder and fantasize.  
 Can the animals talk? 

 And if I won't have allergies and all animals are "nice" 
Then can I go hang out with the tigers?  

Can I fly?  

Can I time travel?

  Can I meet anyone I want to meet? 

  Will I understand things better,

Such as the evil that has taken place on Earth?

And then, the other night, I figured out 
What Heaven is really, really like.

Based on all the "data" from the Bible and those who've been there:    

Imagine you live in a very isolated place 
And someone offers to take you to Disney.

  You have heard wonderful things about this place,
But you have never seen pictures or videos 
Or read any books on it. 

 You really know nothing, 

No details about this place called Disney,

Except everyone who's been there loves it 

And doesn't want to ever leave.    

So you think to yourself, excitedly----

Oh boy!  

I hope there's a roller coaster!

No matter how we think Heaven will be like

It will exceed all our expectations.

Because we are limited with our Simple Human Minds

And God's ways are 


Greater than we can Comprehend

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