Friday, February 27, 2015

Christian Book Review

This next series I have read is historical fiction, but actually Christian Fantasy.

It is a trilogy called:  Books of the Infinite

Written by:   R.J.Larson

The Infinite refers to God.

The three books in the Trilogy are:


(I love this picture of Ela, so pretty!!)



The first book, a young woman (age 17), Ela,  is chosen by God to be his prophet.

She Hesitantly accepts because Prophets often have short, tragic lives.

But she does agree because one should always Trust in God

 and have Faith

that He will be with you and Guide you.

So she is sent by God to other nations

to condemn them and warn them to repent.

This sounds like all other prophet stories in the Bible.

What makes this fantasy are the presence of some fantasy type creatures.

There are the dreaded  deadly Scalns

And magnificent huge horses  called Destroyers

that everyone fears but their riders

And the horse chooses his rider and the 2 are inseparable.

While on her first mission, Ela is captured and while imprisoned

She meets Kien who becomes her love interest.

Kien is a good guy but does not believe in the Infinite.

But after spending time with Ela, he not only becomes a believer,

He becomes a prophet.

Kien is the main character of book two, in which he is both Prophet and Judge.

Ela and Kien meet a rebel leader who is a follower of the Infinite.

This leader becomes King and is the main character in the third book.

This series will consume you!

It is well written, you will love these characters!

I highly recommend this series!!!

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I see there are 2 more books coming to this Series!!!!

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So Excited!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Targeted for Abortion

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On February 13, thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation, people with special needs and disabilities all around the globe celebrated with their own night to remember. The Foundation sponsored its first annual Night to Shine “at host churches in 44 cities, 26 states and 3 countries.” Over 7,000 guests attended with over 15,000 volunteers ready to serve them.

Guests had their makeup done, received crowns, walked down a red carpet, heard special messages, and danced the night away. At one prom in South Carolina, Tebow stopped and shined shoes for some of the guys.
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The people with special needs who attended the Night to Shine represent a community who is targeted for abortion. Abortion clinics advertise their services for children with disabilities – including ones as fixable as a cleft lipBabies with Down syndrome are aborted at an 80-90% rate. And all over the internet, parents tell their stories of being pressured to abort their children diagnosed with special needs.

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In his own message, Tim Tebow told the attendees that while this night was designed to make them feel like royalty, in God’s eyes, they are that special every single day:
"Tonight, our number one goal is to make you feel like kings and queens. But to be honest with you, every moment of your life, God looks at you like a king or a queen because you are so special."
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Here is A Great Video about This wonder Night to Shine:

You can read the full article by Clicking Here

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Church Approved Dance Moves

They showed this at Church last Sunday for fun

I thought it was cute and wanted to share!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Stone So Large

Here's a fun question Atheists like to throw around:

"Can God make a stone so large that He cannot pick it up?"

Or this one:

"Can God make a triangle with four sides?"

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Of course there is no rational answer to these questions

And the Atheist thinks he has you cornered!

After all, if an all-powerful God cannot do these things, 

then He cannot be all-powerful!

So the God we think we know cannot exist.

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God is said to be Omnipotent

meaning all-powerful.


Not exactly so.

No where in the Bible does it say this.

The Bible calls God  "Almighty"  

which we have turned into meaning all-powerful.

But we know there are many things God cannot do.

God cannot do Evil

God cannot Sin

God cannot Lie

But He can do that which He wants to do.

And that is what we mean when we say Omnipotent.

We do not mean He can do anything

We know He can't.

But we know  He can (and did) create animals and man.

We know  He can (and did) create the Stars and Planets.

And when you think of it.....Many planets are made of Stone.....

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You can read more about this by clicking here

Monday, February 16, 2015

God is Good

A lady I know is a devout, practicing Christian as is her entire family----except her brother.   As he became an adult he got in with the wrong crowd, alcohol, drugs, petty crimes---you know how the story goes.

After several years of this lifestyle, he decided to come back to Jesus.   He cleaned up and remained sober (and is still so to this day, 6 years later)   He became employed, engaged and is very happy.  

But his past life caught up with him.  Two years ago he was summoned to court for one of the crimes he committed earlier in his life.  He wasn't unwilling to pay restitution and accept responsibilities for his previous actions but he was scared. He could be sent to prison.  The judge assigned to him was known as one of those “hanging” judges---the kind that gives out the harshest punishments.  

On the day of court, this young man arrived early with his father and sat in the back waiting for his turn.  He prayed and his father prayed.  They prayed for grace and a miracle.

Two cases before his, the defendant, a woman, was called to the judge.   Her name was---Grace.

Then the case before his was called to the judge.   Another lady----and her name was---“Miracle”!!   

The young man and his father knew God was with them and all would be ok, even if he had to go to prison. He knew God was with him. 

Then the young man was called to stand before the judge.   There was a back and forth with review of the charges and possible sentences.  Then the judge studied the young man and said, “In light of the remarkable changes you have made in your life and the clean life you have lived for the past 4 years, I order you to pay restitution and court fines—no jail time.”

God is Good  =)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Christian Historical Fiction

Lions of Judah
by: Gilbert Morris

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Is a 6 book series that begins

with a young Noah and ends with Rahab of Jericho

Through out the series there is a mysterious gold Medallion

that is handed from one generation to the next.

The keeper of the Medallion does not choose who to give it to.

When that person is soon to die, God speaks to them in a dream

and tells them who should receive it

One side of the Medallion is a Lion

The other side is a Lamb.

Those possessing it feel it is a promise of One to Come and Redeem them.

The 6 books are as follow:

Heart of a Lion
No Woman so Fair
The Gate of Heaven
Til Shiloh Comes
By Way of the Wilderness
Daughter of Deliverance

Don't be intimidated by there being 6 books, they are quick reads.

Each one puts you into the times of the main character

and you see life through their eyes

It is an interesting (albeit fictional) look into

the hearts and minds of some of our favorite people

in the Old Testament.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saul of Tarsus was a brilliant man.

He had the best education for the times,

He spoke Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.

He was a great orator, drawing big crowds when he spoke.

He also loved Jewish Law with a passion.

Saul was a Pharisee, being groomed to rise high in their ranks.

Pharisees were like religious police, jury and judge for Jewish Law.

They would go out and look for people breaking
 any of the over 600 Jewish Laws
 including those related to food and Sabbath. 

And after the Crucifixion of Jesus 

The Pharisees were determined to exterminate His followers 

and crush the fledgling Christian Church.

And Saul was very good at this.

He found Christians, 

Accused them

Brought them to Trial 

and oversaw their execution.

We know specifically Saul was there when Stephen was stoned to death.

We don't know how many others' deaths could be attributed to Saul.

Saul was widely feared.

Perhaps you know the rest of the story.

Saul was on his way to Damascus

To root out Christians and execute them.

And on his journey, he met Jesus.

(see Acts 9)

Saul was brought to his knees and heard Jesus ask him:

"Saul!  Why do you persecute me?"

Saul's life was changed forever.

He became one of the greatest men in all of World History

and did more to spread and promote and strengthen

 the Christian movement 

than anyone before

 or since.

We know him by his Greek name, Paul.

At first the Christians did not believe in his conversion.

It must be a trick.

A way to catch them in the act.

But slowly Paul convinced them and grew to lead them.

Paul's radical change from persecutor to prophet

brought many people to Christ.  

Imagine being a Jew who admired Saul, as many did.

To see this conversion you would have to think

 this highly intelligent man went mad,

or he was telling the truth

And Jesus is Lord.

Paul could not have been as powerfully persuasive

if he had not been Saul, Persecutor of Christians.

The Christians who died, and their families that grieved 

would never know the greater good that was to prevail.

God  took these acts of evil for and made them for His good.

Paul was a much more effective and powerful promoter of Christianity

Because people knew what he had been

and what he had done.

We see so many evil acts in the world today.

We are bewildered 

We don't understand.

And maybe we never will

We may never live long enough to see how

God will takes today's acts of evil

and make them for

His Good.