Sunday, January 18, 2015

May the Odds be Ever in your Favor

Sorry, this post, outside of the title, has nothing to do with the Hunger Games. 

But it has everything to do with Odds.

I did an earlier post regarding Odds---you can see that by Clicking Here

So I read this "scientific" article about Global Warming.  The article, Called The Heat is On

And I came across this claim:  "Nine of the 10 hottest years in NOAA global records have occurred since 2000. The odds of this happening at random are about 650 million to 1, according to University of South Carolina statistician John Grego."

650 million to One.

According to this scientist, these odds are too great to be random.

According to this scientist, these odds are so great, there must be some purposeful cause of these events, in this case---us.

I wonder what this same scientist would think about the odds of evolution?   

I read this article written by atheist scientists about the odds on us evolving by random events. You can read the article yourself by Clicking Here

In this very "scientific" article, the evolutionist claims that "the simplest theorized self-replicating peptide is only 32 amino acids long. The probability of it forming randomly, in sequential trials, is approximately 1 in 10 to the 40th power"   And in the context of this article, these odds are not so far fetched.   That these are acceptable odds that proteins could randomly assemble and lead to life.

So 650 million to One---is prove that something as complex as global warming can't be random, but a number that is a 1 with 40 zeros is an acceptable number to prove randomness can lead to something as simple as

Does that sound as ridiculous to you as it does to me???

You know, when you have to work so hard to prove your claim with a big series of "if  this then that" and "possibilities and probabilities" it makes me wonder what takes greater faith??

To believe in God or to believe in Evolution?


  1. I assume you mean "to believe in God or to believe in evolution *without God*" - since I believe in both God and evolution :P

    1. Yes! Thank you for the clarification! Although I no longer believe in "macro" evolution I do concede it is possible if it is God's will