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    1. I did check it out, it was too much to read right now for me (I am only allowed a limited amount of time on the internet)

      I read the 1st part....God not answering prayers is not proof He doesn't exist. Sometimes he says "No", and as sad as it is, He has His reasons for not intervening.

      I pray every night for evil to be eliminated from this world. And one day He will do so, but on His schedule, not mine.

      You can't put God into human terms / time tables / rationale. He is NOT Human, and that is hard to grasp.

      I welcome your discussion, I won't be mean either!

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  2. What denomination in the church are you? You don't have to answer, im just curious.

    1. I am Methodist. How about you?

    2. Im a Lutheran.

    3. My grandmother is a Lutheran ;D

    4. I'm an Anglo-Catholic (mix of Anglican and Catholic). :)

  3. Tigger, did you quit animaljam? You havnt been on in over 30 days, and have an empty den and are nonmember...

    1. I guess I did quit, I mean I just stopped playing. I went on in Dec. to get the daily gifts. I may go on sometime if I am ever bored

    2. I also quit AJ. I was formerly known as SpiritHowl.

  4. You know that book, Heaven Is For Real? ;)
    Well, I have a question about that painting it mentioned, the one by Akaine I-Can't-Remember-Her-Surname. What puzzles me, is that that painting shoes a WHITE man, but Jesus was from the Middle East and He would have been brown in skin colour, but Colton Burpo said in Heaven Is For Real that that painting was correct, and he'd SEEN Jesus, so he'd know.
    But how CAN Jesus be white?

    1. Jewish people are dark complected but not as "brown" as someone from India or Pakistan....also just as "white" people can vary from "pale ivory" to "olive" compexions so can Mid.East people very from tan to light brown. I wouldn't get too hung up on the color of His skin...He obviously loves all skin tones equally or He wouldn't have made so many! God loves variety! That's why there are so many birds and flowers, He didn't stop at 2 kinds!

      When you think of Mid.East you may be thinking of Arabs and they may have a darker tone than Jewish descent....I'm not sure...but I know. A lot of "white" jews and Jesus was a Jew

    2. My teacher read Heaven is for Real to our class, it took two months to read it all. It's an interesting perspective.

    3. I am impressed that they read that in school---or do you mean at Sunday School?
      So what did your class think? What do YOU think? Is Heaven for Real?

    4. They read that at my actual "academic" school, since mine is a Christian school. They thought that it was pretty interesting, though they thought that it was from their perspective, and ideas may have been twisted from the perspective of the four (?) years old.

  5. In the Bible, it says that the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge was eaten by Eve, and Adam, I also read somewhere that in certain languages, the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, can be a fig, wheat, or a grape (Jewish), here's what it says on Wikipedia:

    Rabbi Meir says that the fruit was a grape, made into wine.[6] The Zohar explains similarly that Noah attempted (but failed) to rectify the sin of Adam by using grape wine for holy purposes.[7] The midrash states that the fruit was grape,[8] or squeezed grapes (perhaps again alluding to wine).[9]
    Rabbi Nechemia says that the fruit was a fig, as it was from fig leaves that they, Adam and Eve, made garments for themselves (Gen 3:7). God then made them "coats of skins, and clothed them." (Gen 3:21) upon expelling them from the Garden: "By that with which they were made low were they rectified."[6]
    On the other hand, Rabbi Yehuda proposes that the fruit was wheat, because "a babe does not know to call its mother and father until it tastes the taste of grain."[6] On this, Tosafot there explains, "And this is called the Tree of Knowledge."

  6. God bless you, Tiggerkat!

    1. thank you! May God bless you abundantly!!!

  7. Can you add a search bar? I think that would be very helpful... ^.^

  8. I have two questions.

    Firstly, about Hell. Do you believe it's a place with people burning in fire - a kind of eternal torture place - or a place where you're "just" seperated from God?
    If the latter, what would that mean to someone, exactly? Someone who was an atheist. If they weren't in Heaven, but in this God-less Hell, what would that place be like?

    And secondly...well, death. How come certain things or people may die...before they are old...when they haven't done anything wrong...even when He's prayed to, begging for the thing not to die...

    1. I love your questions!! The first question is something I have thought about---ALOT and I have come to this theory---Hell is different for each of us. Of course this is only my personal theory and you will find Bible experts who will strongly disagree---but then none of us know the mind of God.

      SO, when reading a book called "Lucifer's Flood" by Linda Ross Brooks, it cemented my theory. Without a doubt, God loves us dearly. He wants us with Him, in Heaven, but sin separates us, as you said. Satan must be the worst sinner of any being in the universe, so he must be cast out of Heaven. But God loves Satan, still, and thus gave Satan exactly what he wanted. Satan wanted to be worshipped, he wanted to be God. So God placed him on earth (separated from God) where humans having free will may choose to worship him as a god----and they did / do. They call him Zeus, or Posiedon, or Baal, etc. So, if you are an atheist then when you die, I don't believe a loving God throws you into a pit of fire and gnashing teeth, but you will live eternity elsewhere---forever separated from the God you denied. Compared to being with Heaven, this will be Hell, but not a pit of fire where you are tormented by Satan and his demons.

      The second question is the toughest one in the world and there is no single answer. I think there are as many answers as there are individual deaths, they are all unique. If a person is suffering, say dying of cancer, then death is not bad, especially for a believer. Isn't it better to be free of the pain and in the arms of Christ? Some people die horrible deaths at the hand of evil (think Holocaust) and that is the hardest to answer.

      God allows free will, so we are free to be evil and torture other human beings. God does not stop it. That is why so many hate God. Why didn't he save that 10 year old girl who was kidnapped, raped and tortured and killed. No answer can relieve the grief of that girl's mom and dad. But God does understand their grief. He did nothing to stop the torture and excruciating death of His own beloved son. But, once they do pass through death, the glory of Heaven is such that it is worth the torture / death. That is why the apostles were willing to die terrible deaths to spread Christianity.

      Now what about a non-believer who dies a horrible death and cannot go to Heaven. I think God is Just and God is love. So even though that person may not go to heaven, they certainly would not be condemned to a lake of fire. A loving God could not do that. They may be placed in an Eden like place, but without the glory of God.

      Another theory I push around in my mind---upon the moment of death, I believe Jesus appears to you, regardless of if you are a believer or not. And in that moment of death, He reaches out to you and you can decide to go with Him or turn away and go to "hell" (the place without God)

      I am not sure if this would've been an offer made to one who is evil, like Hitler, but I think for the good person who is a non-believer, there is still a last chance for redemption, even in the moment of death.

    2. For your answer to my second question: thank you! That's a very good theory! ^.^
      What about people who, for example, commit a murder, but strongly believe they are in the right to do so? Who are doing it with intentions they strongly believe are good?

      And God does perform miracles, helping some people...preventing their death or something similar...why *some* people, not others?

      For the second answer: again, thank you! :3
      What do you think would happen to, for e.g., a person who never had the chance to learn about God and Jesus?

      Also, what about animals? They have free will, too - but...well, are they evil? They do sometimes do things they know are wrong (e.g. a cat pinching a piece of meat off the surface when it knows not to)...but they (no offence to them, lol) have a different level of...intelligence, I suppose it is. Consciousness.

      And what about ant wars? Red ants raiding a black ant community, killing the adults and stealing the eggs to make slaves. But ants have really low consciousness (I assume, anyway - no one's ever been in an ant's mind) - so does that count as bad for them?

    3. Murder & Wars---God knows the hearts of people, and their intentions. God Himself sent people to war many times in the Old Testament. So many people think Him cruel, but the people He sought to kill were really very evil and actively worshipping Satan.

      As for miracles, no one can answer that question. I believe that if God has something important He wants you to do, let's say when you are 35, and some drunk drivers smashes you in a car accident such that you should've died, but by a miracle you survive---well, I think God has something very special in mind for you.

      Animals: I don't think they have free will, I think they have instincts. We can train them, so they know they are not supposed to pinch food from the counter, but their instincts sometimes override their good behavior. I also do not think animals have souls. But God created them, and when He did He said they were good. So in the Garden of Eden, the lamb could lay next to the lion without fear. When Adam & Eve sinned, not only did that seal their future of hardship (and ours) but then the animals became something not intended. Predators, animals that "play" with their victims, the ant wars you described........

      And there are animals in Heaven. I am not sure if they are ones from earth that have died or more creations of His.

      And I know you are now thinking of pets! Because God loves us and wants us to be happy, I am sure our beloved pets will surely be in Heaven waiting for us!

    4. oh---and people who have never heard of Jesus...I think one of two things may happen. One, as they die, they see Jesus and learning kind of occurs instantaneously and they can choose to go with Him or not. OR maybe they experience "soul sleep" until judgement day and then are judged and can go to heaven or not.

      I think the think we have to trust is that God loves us and is infinitely smarter than us and will always do the right thing. If Hitler on his death bed repented with the deepest regrets and acknowledgement of the horrors he inflicted could be forgiven and go to Heaven, then how could God turn away an atheist that is in the Peace Corp helping build schools and clean water in Africa?

    5. Again, thank you for your answer (: (hm, I wish I could think of something more interesting to say than just repeating myself each time...)

      That instinct over free will stuff definitely makes sense. And yes, I was thinking of pets :3

      What do you think defines a soul? What's the difference between a soul and a spirit?

      And your last part also makes sense :3
      "Soul sleep" that's a good phrase! What do you think it's like? Normal sleep, or just...blankness, nothingness?

    6. Oh, and what do you think about age in Heaven? Then again - do you think we have our earthly bodies? What do you think Heaven is like?
      I suppose it's probably different for each one of us. I imagine it would be each person's "dream" place...but that would be confusing. What if someone's dream place was a shopping centre? I can't imagine a Heaven like that! :P
      I assume that other people would be there too, doing their own thing - if they were in one place (say, climbing a tree) but then in your place there were no would that work? o.o

      I'm getting a bit confused now X3

    7. you and I think waaaayyyy too much alike! you ask the same questions I have had!! so here are my thoughts:

      I think soul and spirit are the same in the sense we use them. I know that in the Bible spirits can be angels or demons, invisible beings. So maybe Spirit is a big category, like human, and then there are different kinds of spirits, souls being one kind, like there are Africans, Asians, etc.

      Soul Sleep I believe is a Jewish belief that when we die we go to "sleep" until Judgement day. If that is try, and when I thought about it, it makes sense that from your point of view you die and then immediately wake up but its the future. However, I don't think this is true bc people who die and come back talk about seeing loved ones in heaven, they were not sleeping!

      you should read "Heaven is For Real", it is a true story about a boy who died for 3 minutes, but came back w/ such detailed descriptions of heaven. It is a great story and gives alot of answers--and more questions!

      Every account I have read on someone who has died and gone to heaven says there are no words to describe what they see. And I read a book on string theory that makes me believe that heaven is a parallel universe and it does not follow the same laws of nature we do, do I think it is possible for heaven to simultaneously be a city for some, country for others, etc.

      What I wonder about with heaven is will this. Here on earth I know some christians who are really good people, but I don't like them. they rub me the wrong way, have different interests, or I find them annoying. Will they still annoy me in heaven?

      will we have all the range of human emotions in heaven? can we get jealous? can we hate? If so, then could we sin? If not, then do we no longer have free will?

      I guess I will find out in a 100 years or so............... =)

    8. That spirit stuff makes sense :3

      I have read Heaven is for Real, it's really good ^.^ although admittedly I was nipping off to read it when I should have been cleaning the house, and then running back when Mum yelled for me. I'll have to reread it o.o

      I've heard of string theory, but I didn't know what it I looked it up. It looks rather confusing! X3 I'll have to try and find a simpler website... Or maybe you can explain it to me? (maybe. that's not a "you have to". no, far from it)

      Yes, I have the same question! Can you argue in Heaven? I must admit that eternity without arguing would be a little boring. No, ok, that sounds mean. Heaven probably can't be boring. But if Heaven just "can't be" some stuff...again, I don't think I like the sound of that. I wonder if there'll be cameras in Heaven. Photography. *wails* I can't live without it. Or, correct that: I can't...die without it?

      How old do you want to live to? My sister wants to live to 102 because she wants to meet her great (or was it great great?) grandchildren.
      I don't really mind, but I'd like to found a family, win some professional photography competition and do some part in helping animal conservation first.

  9. I did a post on string theory and God last year and it didn't come up in the Search box, so here is a link:

    when you ponder it, it is mind blowing!



    A YEAR

    I'm a lesbian..uh, do you mind? <:^D

    Do you like anime? If so, your fave? If not, do you ever plan on watching?

    I like metal music and stuff, is that bad? <:^D

    1. Zeref!! (aka Goldfish, right????) Good to see/ hear from you!!
      My responses to above:
      I'm a Christian, do you mind?? =P

      I like the art of anime, but I don't watch it, so I don't know enough to have a fav, and no, I don't plan on watching it. I'm not against it, just so many hours in a day, ya know?

      I like some metal music too. I like all kinds of music, especially old stuff. Is that bad? depends on who you are asking, since this is my "God" blog I will give you a Christian perspective. No music in and of itself is bad. Anything that influences you to turn away from God is bad. Music, books, anime, anything that turns your heart from Him is bad. Music, books, anime that turns you towards God is very good. If it is neutral, then, well, it is neutral.

      So how you been?! what's new over there in the Homeland (Deutschland, right?? I'm german, btw)


      one of my best friends is christian and i am over here eating candies


    3. i slept all day so l8 reply srry

      do you play osu?

  11. Hello. I'm wondering if you could do a post on Revelation? I've always been drawn to that chapter, and when someone mentions of the chapter, I couldn't help but wonder... what is the true meaning of Revelation? It shows of someone before God, but how was he able to be before him and to write again. Was he dead? Was he summoned? What is the court about? The last sentence... When he come, what will he do?

    To be completely honest, I find the Bible very puzzling and I daresay I have little to none to ask. I hope this isn't a confusing question, and have a blessed day.

    1. Revelation is a big topic and it is a very difficult one! But it is one that is really fascinating, so I will work on a post for you this week! And based on some of your questions, you may actually know this book better than me!

      I have spent a lot of time reading and studying the other parts of the Bible, so if there is anything I can help you with, please ask!! =)

  12. Small personal question- I hope you don't mind- which chapter in the Bible is your favourite?

    1. I can't really pick a chapter or book of the Bible---there is so much I like in so many different places. I find Paul's letters deeply philosophical and inspiring, James gives much practical advice. I love the NT parables, the OT stories......

      SO let me pick my favorite story in the Bible----Joseph. I really learned alot from a sermon based on the story of Joseph.

      Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers---he forgave them and never stopped loving them

      Joseph locked up in prison for a crime he did not commit---he continued to praise God rather than curse his circumstances and in doing so brought others to God

      Joseph used his rise to power to help the people, rather than become an ego maniac like so many politicians

      Joseph ran (literally) from temptation (Potiphar's wife) and remained virtuous even though he could've gotten away with it (having the affair) easily and also tells us that in the face of sin---there is ALWAYS a way out---even if it is to literally turn and RUN (so useful with peer pressure these days!!)

      OK---your turn---what's your favorite part / story of the Bible and why?

    2. I actually haven't read the entire Bible myself, being a non-Christian, but I kind-of regret not taking Religion classes but I took character class instead.

      Well, I like a few of the many parables, and I yet need to continue the Bible, maybe I'll truly find my favourite that will provide me a cherished lesson to follow.

    3. are you of any religion? do you believe in God? regardless, I think it is great that you are interested in the Bible, there are great stories and better yet, guidance for life. We joke that BIBLE = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

      Joining a Bible study may be of interest to you, also Sunday school. You don't have to go to Church, that is more of a worship service rather than learning.

    4. Well, I'm a Buddhist, although I don't really practice my beliefs.
      Well, I do believe in God. My friends from the religion class told me they're studying about the evidence God is real, and, darn, I want to join the discussion.
      Hm, I've never heard of that joke.

      Also, I'd like to ask.
      When we join community services, who are we pleasing? Who are we serving?
      Are we pleasing ourselves? Are we serving the needy?
      Are we helping God through that?

      I apologise for not regularly checking on, and thus my late reply.

    5. If you want to learn more on the evidence of God and Jesus, check out Lee Strobel's books, "A Case for the Creator" and "A Case for Christ" , I think the 1st one is now a documentary that you can watch on you tube---pretty compelling stuff!!

      as for community services, I am guessing you mean Church? Or perhaps Bible Studies, or Charity organizations (such as soup kitchens)

      Church has been called "The Bride" of Christ, and "The Body" of Christ. The purpose is to gather in worship (worship is important, it helps us to shift from an self-centered life to a God centered life) and to do God's works---we are "His Hands and Feet"----so we should be serving others. To me a Christian charity is an extension of this, they should be the hands and feet of Christ, doing His good works for others.

      Bible study, is an opportunity to grow spiritually, to learn more about God and Christ and to become a better Christian.

      All 3 things allow for Fellowship in Christ, to build a Christian community that helps us in our times of need as we help others in theirs. We are a family, not just amongst ourselves, but also with you and everyone else, as we are all God's children.

      I hope that helps! I hope you continue your journey to learn more about God! And I am glad you for your conversations and questions to help me grow in my personal journey with God and who knows, we may be helping others who read this page in their journey!

      Now let us break for Reese Cups! (I've only had 4 so far today!)

    6. Here, have my Reese Cup.

      Well, when I meant community services, like not only at church, what about like charity events, helping out the Red Cross and such. The orphanage, the animal shelter.
      Who are we serving? Who are we pleasing?

    7. I think there would be as many answers as there are people for that one. Some people help others with no desire for recognition or credit to self. Others like the rush they feel from helping others. Some will do good works because they like the accolades, others think they are earning their way into heaven. Some may be "paying it forward" or "giving back" because others have helped them. I think this list can go on and on...........

      Probably not the answer you were looking for........what motivates you to help others?

    8. PS--thanks for the Reese Cup! You spoil me!! XD

    9. Ah, no, really, have another.

      Hmm, true, I remember reading an article of the Bible that tells us God doesn't like and won't reward those who help others only to have a "face".

      Thanks for helping me recall that.

      Say, Tiggerkat, I've heard a lot about this, but I don't actually know about this, it's about cloning.
      God wouldn't want us to kill for pleasure, right? Still, religion believes that we shouldn't clone because we're interfering and making ourselves like a "god".

      Do you agree with cloning?
      What do you think is God's perspective in this?
      Is cloning worse than killing?

    10. ooohhhh! I LOVE this question, it is a good one!

      1st by cloning I guess you mean human cloning, not cloning from stem cells as in medical research.

      So to create a clone you must take an egg cell, irradiate to kill the DNA and then insert the DNA from a human and as that egg divides and grows, it becomes a clone.

      My opinion----I am against it for the purposes of creating human life. I am also against in vitro fertilization.(IVF) For cloning or IVF to be successful, several must be made in hopes that 1 is viable. IF too many are viable, then some must be culled. That is murder.

      Also, those clones / IVF embryos that are never implanted into a woman and are just left frozen forever at some point will be disposed of. That is murder as well.

      But if by chance you could use a single egg and DNA sample and produce a single embryo, I would still be against it, It is playing God. It seems to me anytime in science we try to reproduce that what God has made (or nature has created if you prefer) that ours is always inferior. So what might go wrong?

      And there is the whole ethics of this. Is a clone human? Or sub-human? Watch The Island or Cloud Atlas and see what I mean....

      And religiously, would a man made clone have a human soul?

      In terms of God's point of view, I can't know, but I feel in my heart as He has made us in His image, and He is The Creator, I think He would find our attempts at cloning to be a sin, worse than the sin of building the Tower of Babel. We would be making ourselves gods by creating human life. I can't see anything righteous in that.

      Is cloning worse than killing---------perhaps.........There can be justified killings (self defense) but I don't think there will ever be justifiable cloning.......

      cool question---mixes my love of science with my love of God =)

    11. Awesome, you opened up a whole new perspective. I love your answers, they mean a lot to a new point.

      Well, considering now I know I wouldn't like human clones, I guess this goes same for animals too.

      In that case, I have this question in mind for a very long time.

      If God granted the world beauty, where does sickness and plague come from? From Moses's time, we know plagues exist, so does it mean that God created sickness, death and misfortune?
      (No, I have not read much of the Bible yet, so if this was in the Bible, throw the name of the chapter.)

      Also, after Noah's time, why do people live for a shorter time? Is it because we were of a new generation/race?

    12. your brain is a scary place, isn't it? XD I say this because you sound just like me, these are all the questions I have / had. I love thinking about these things, God gave you and I very curious minds,it is a blessing!

      ok, first question: illness/ misfortuen: I don't think there is a specific place in the Bible that addresses sickness, but the closest may be the Book of Job. You may find that interesting in regards to misfortune effecting devout believers of God

      The answers I have received to the question of illness go like this. God's creation was good, 100%. But when Adam and Eve sinned, it unleashed sin into the world everywhere. And part of that sin has resulted in illness and misfortunes.

      I don't know if that is a good answer, but that is what I read over and over again. I think that originally the world was perfect, if Adam / Eve had not sinned we would be living in paradise (eden) in perfect health, and same with all plants and animals. Many believed that all animals and man were vegetarians in Eden, that a lamb could play with a lion and never know fear.

      This is what I imagine heaven to be like, bc that is where God lives, so it must be 100% good, because God can tolerate no evil.

      Anyway, when sin was unleashed, predators and parasites emerged. So did disease and defects. And it has expanded exponentially over the centuries as also our sin has expanded.

      I don't know how good an answer that it.......I mean, it is too basic. I think there are deeper levels to explore. But in the end, I don't know if it can be fully understood and explained. It may not ever be understood until we get to heaven, then all will be understood.

      The Noah question is a fun one. In Noah's time people lived for 100's of years----and grew ever more evil. I used to think God shortened our life span after the flood so we couldn't get into as much trouble as a person and as a society.

      But now I think there is a more interesting answer. I have been trying to learn more on it, but haven't really spent the time doing the detailed research. But on the little bit I've done, it comes down to the world being very different pre-flood (or antediluvian is another term)

      Pre flood, the world may have been like pangea, and tropical. but it never rained. mists would form to keep plants hydrated. there were streams, lakes, etc for drinking. The atmosphere had a much higher concentration of oxygen than today (I believe there is evidence for this when they look at ice cores at the poles) Now in medicine they use hyperbaric chambers with high levels of oxygen for wound healing----so if the natural atmosphere was like that, then the thought is that we would be healthier----all this would lead to longer lives.

      I'm making it too simplistic, bc I haven't really studied it. And this theory is controversial, but it is fun to think about and I think it could be possible

      Check out this site: it has some fascinating ideas....

    13. Alright, I'll check it whenever I can.
      Is it mobile friendly?

      I used to wonder a lot about the Garden of Eden. If we all still lived there, what would the world be like? Now, we're separated, USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Portuguese, all those countries, would they be as one in the garden?
      Would we have school?
      Work? Labour?

      Anyway, since that was the end of my current line of questioning, I'll be back soon to check on this amazing blog now and then.

      Have a blessed day, Tiggerkat!

  13. Hi, Tigger! I have more questions!

    A prayer- what's the proper way to pray? Is there one?
    What do we say to God? My prayers have been sounding like requests, and I'm not sure how it's as communicating to God.

    Thank you, God bless.

    1. I feel a new post coming on!! As I have been spending the last half hour thinking about this question, I think I would like to make it a post, I will work on it and hopefully post it tomorrow!! Thank you for inspiring me!!

    2. Yay! That sounds great!

      Also, can you check my blog out, it's

      Thanks. Sorry for advertising lol.

  14. Hi Tiggerkat!
    Just curious, but, how do you celebrate Christmas/New Years?

    1. Christmas---definitely yes! Celebrate it both in a religious way (birth of Christ) and a secular way (Santa Claus). New Year's--not so much, I'm not a late night / party person. Usually just treat that as just another night! How about you? Did you have a good Christmas?

    2. It's like a usual Christmas, I guess, little family dinner.

      I'm pretty sure I'm staying real late up for New Years.

      Oh! Ask Tiggerkat part 2! Shall I go there?

    3. I think I built Part 2 just for you!! You're the only one commenting these days!! lol!!

    4. Haha, really?
      I saw an anonymous on some of the posts.