Sunday, February 1, 2015

"You Can't Insult a Dead Man"

(This is based on a conversation I had with a Christian Friend)

I was joking / teasing my Christian friend 

and He said 

"You can't insult me because you can't insult a dead man!"

Then he went on to explain that
while  he was truly dead to this world,
he truly alive in Christ.

And I thought about that

That is really true!

If you are dead to this world, and born again in Christ, 

your heart is filled with such love

that you will (as you should) love your enemies.

When someone tries to hurt your feelings it is meaningless because it is of this world

and not of God's Kingdom, so again, it is meaningless.

Look at that person the way Christ would.

Are they trying to hurt you because they hurt?

Are they trying to make you sad because they are sad?

Are they trying to upset you because they misunderstood you and you upset them?

What would you see 

if Christ could

 "give you His eyes for just one moment" ?
(great song by Brandon Heath, btw!)

So please,

Next time you are with someone who is being mean

Don't let them get to you.

Look at them again with fresh eyes

and a loving heart

And learn what they are really saying.

(I hurt, I'm sad, I'm upset, Help me, I need a friend)