Saturday, January 10, 2015

Playing Favorites

Why did God choose the Israelites over other ancient societies in Old Testament time?    All the peoples of ancient time (and today) can obviously trace their origins to Noah and therefore back to Adam, so why did one group become chosen over the others?

Comparing the world today to 4000 years ago, all the other societies are gone or diminished except Israelites and Egyptians.  Gone are the Babylonians, Hittites, Canaanite, Philistines

God created us to co-exist with Him.
But we fell away from Him.
God wants to guide us back to Him but how?
He chose a group of people and gave them the Law.

But why did He choose the Israelites?

Because God exists outside of time, he knows the future.
His Word would be lost had it been given to the groups that did not thrive to modern day.

From the time period in which God gave the law,
only two groups remain strong in numbers today:
The Israelites and The Egyptians.

The Egyptians were the most advanced group of people 4000 years ago.
Not only in buildings, but they had developed a written language
and collected and recorded knowledge of many things.

The Israelites on the other hand, were either desert dwellers or slaves.
They lived in tents and in lieu of a written language they held a strong oral tradition.

But the Egyptians were followers of many gods
And even believed their Pharaoh to be a god on Earth.

 If God had given the law and history to the ancient Egyptians,
The information would not hold significance to them
As He would've been viewed as one of many gods,
Rather than
The One True God.

In addition, in later years
Written materials would've likely been collected
and held in  the Library of Alexandria,
which held all the great works of ancient times.

This was more than a library,
It was a cultural center,
A location for research
And a place all the great thinkers would gather.

Unfortunately it was burned to the ground,
Losing hundreds,
Perhaps thousands
Of valuable scrolls.

So much knowledge was lost forever.

Had the laws of God been dictated to Moses while part of the House of Pharaoh,
They would've been stored in the Library of Alexandria
And after the great fire, they would've been gone forever.

The Israelites may not have been as sophisticated as the Egyptians
But they had a strong oral tradition about the Truth
That was maintained through the generations

Israelites were followers of the one true God.

And He gave His word and laws to the Hebrews.  The Bible is told by God and framed through Hebrew history.  That is why it is a collection of stories related to their history.  And why God chose them through which to bring the Messiah into the world.

There were surely  miracles and spiritual wars and great leaders and followers of God in other parts of the world, but God chose the Israelites.  There were other great civilizations in other parts of the world, Asia, South America, Europe...but those other groups lacked the ingredients God needed to entrust His word to create a group set apart from the others in their time period and today.

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