Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Christian Book Review

This Series of Books,
 The Ark Chronicles By:  Vaughn  Heppner

 are a great read that put you into the time period.
But the art work on the covers is a bit cheesy.....

The main character in this series is Ham,
the youngest of Noah's three sons.
 He is a very old man imprisoned in Egypt
and must save the Pharaoh from God's curse.
The Pharoah was cursed because he had taken Sarai,
the wife of Abraham, as his own wife.
But first Ham must convince the Pharaoh of God's power,
so Ham tells him the story of his life.

The first book, The People of the Ark,

begins when Ham is young
and Noah is Building the Ark.
You are transported to that time period and see the world
 reigned by evil and the struggles of
 the last man of Righteousness and his family.

The second book, People of the Flood,

covers the struggles
of being the only people on the New Earth.
The ark has landed on the mountain top and the animals are freed.
The families grow in numbers and sin re-enters the world
as jealousy and vanity cause problems between the young, new tribes.

The third book, People of Babel

covers the establishment of the
city of Babel along the Euphrates River
 and Nimrod's rise to power.

The fourth and final book, People of the Tower,

covers the growing rivalries between tribes
who are on the brink of war and the building of the infamous Tower of Babel.
 And as the tower grows, so does the influence of evil.

This series puts you right into the action,
you get a real feel for what the time period was likely to be.
Biblical and Historical people come to live and gives you so much to think about!

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