Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Little Girl Stumps the Pope with This Question:

Here is an Excerpt from the Article:

Glyzelle Palomar wept as she asked the Pope: 
“Many children get involved in drugs and prostitution. 
Why does God allow these things to happen to us? 
The children are not guilty of anything.”

Visibly moved, the Pope said: 
“She is the only one who has put forward a question 
for which there is
 no answer 
and she was not even able to express it in words 
but rather in tears.”

Calling on people to show compassion for the marginalised, he continued: 
“I invite each one of you to ask yourselves, 
'Have I learned how to weep, 
how to cry when I see a hungry child,
 a child on the street who uses drugs, 
a homeless child,
 an abandoned child, 
an abused child, 
a child that society uses as a slave'?”

It is questions like these, 
The why does bad things happen to good people.
Especially the most innocent of people

You can't read any news site without seeing heartbreaking 
abuse against children.

How can God let this happen?

And Because He does let it happen He is either 

He is unable to stop it 
(He's not All Powerful)

Or He doesn't care about it 
(He's not All Loving)

Or He doesn't Exist 
(The Easiest Path for us to Follow)

None of those above rationales are remotely true.

We cannot know or understand the "Why's" regarding God.

We who believe know he can and would want to stop it.

But He chooses not to.

It can make you want to pull your hair out in anger!!

Then I think about this song by Matthew West:

God Created us to stop the Evil

God showed us how to Love One Another 
Through His Son, Jesus.

This is why the Pope responded to the little girl's question
with a question for us:

Do we weep for those abused?

And what do we do to stop it?

I understand we (you and I) can't save everyone,

But we can try to make a difference for 


Is there a lonely kid in your school?

The dweeb, the dork, the loser?

Can you ignore the laughter and taunts of your friends 

and go be a friend to that kid?

Can you collect or raise money to give to those who can help others?

Such as:

(they help locals in need such as homeless or victims of domestic violence)

 Red Cross, Salvation Army
(they help masses in need--such as after a tsunami or hurricane)

Doctors without Borders
(give medical care to masses of people without access in third world countries)

St. Jude's Children's Hospital
(provided life saving medical care to children regardless of ability to pay)

Samaritan's Purse
(works to stop human trafficking)

I see lots of opportunities for us to do God's work!

Which one will you choose???

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