Sunday, January 22, 2017

Created in His Image

Week 3 of our Bible Study
I hope you are enjoying this and learning as I am!

Read Genesis 1:26 and a simple 2 and then 3 letter word may pop out at you:

"US"  and "OUR"


We are taught there is One True God--So who is "us"??

Now Read Genesis 1:27 

And we are back to the singular of God "He" and "His".

This must be some kind of contradiction revealing to us how untrustworthy
 the Bible is and therefore NOT possibly the Word of God!

Anyone who argues this does not understand the Trinity.

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Right here in the first chapter of the Bible God is revealing to us 
His Triune Nature. 
(although at this point we wouldn't understand this until we read other scriptures later on)

The expression of "He /His" reveals the unity of the Trinity
and the expression of "Us / Our" reveals the Fullness of the Trinity.

These two verses also explains how unique we are as 
we are made in God's Image.

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God does not create anything else in all of creation in His Image.
So this must be very meaningful and something very special.

Being made in God's Image means:

1. We are His creation, We belong to Him--BUT--we are NOT animals
(Evolutionists will wrongly insist that we are nothing but mere animals)  

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2. Being made in His Image means that we are like God, such that:

a. We create because He creates
b. We are spiritual because He is spiritual
c. We communicate because He communicates
d. We are intelligent because He is intelligent
e. We love because God loves

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3.  Because we are God's Image Bearer it is a sin 
to commit murder or abortion 
thus destroying one of God's Image Bearers.

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Think about this:   The Human body is NOT essential to image bearing.

We might NOT "look like" God.

Our bodies are the dwelling place, or vessel, for our soul
and our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit....

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That makes me feel pretty special, how about you?
And can you see how that would make us unique and set apart from the animals?

And why it would be sinful to harm / destroy the vessel of someone's soul 
and the Temple of the Holy Spirit?

So---If God Created us---then what about Evolution?

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We can't "evolve" into becoming the Image Bearer of God
If we did, then to what end point? 

If we evolved from "Hominid"  to "Human + Soul"
 then what do we evolve into next?

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Evolution is a Theory, not a Law (like Gravity)
So it is not proven---and it never can be because it is not testable.

But that doesn't mean it's entirely untrue!

There are 2 kinds of Evolution;

Micro-evolution which is natural selection, or speciation which is when, over time, an animal adapts to changes in the environment and becomes a new species.  This is what Darwin discovered when he hypothesized how one species of sparrow might evolve into another.

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Macro-evolution is the changes over millions of years from one "kind" of animal into another "kind".  Like a Fish to a Frog, or a Dinosaur into a Bird.

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This is what Darwin proposed in his Theory of Evolution---that over the course of millions of year and through a long series of micro-evolutions a creature evolves from one "kind" into another.

But there is no proof of Macro-evolution
And it is impossible to test this theory as we do not have a billion year life span

And there are no examples of the evolution of complexity, such as eyes, or feathers, or even the flagellum of a bacteria.

Atheist take it on FAITH that Evolution is true.

In fact, there is less Proof for Evolution than there is for God.

Check this out:

Atheist turned Christian---Lee Strobel 
Explains why Creation Makes Sense:


  1. Personally I believe that animals are also "image bearers", so evolution does make sense from that point of view :3

    1. did you watch the video? would love to know what you think, I thought it was amazing and wonder how anyone can remain an atheist after watching it!

    2. I'm watching it now. I'll give a few comments as I go along, I think...
      Firstly: If infinity is "just an idea", then how does God fit into that concept? Is He not infinite?
      If infinity is real, cannot the universe have been expanding and contracting forever?

    3. (at 13 minutes)
      I don't see why there would have to be a one-of-a-kind god. There could be lots, perhaps with a hierarchy?

    4. (at 16 minutes)
      Why on Earth should gravity have existed before the beginning of everything else?

    5. (at 18 minutes)
      In the universe there are, as he puts it, billions of trillions of trillions of trillions of different galaxies, stars, and planets, with a lot of different "settings". I don't think it's all that improbable that there would be one planet (possibly more) out of all those trillions which could harbour life.

    6. (at 23 minutes)
      Ok, so here he's accepting the possibility of infinity, so, again, couldn't this infinite amount of universes be eternally collapsing and expanding?

    7. I like the point about the DNA.

    8. Having finished the bit about the DNA; it's really fascinating and that's the thing that would get me.

    9. Thank you for posting this video! It's been very interesting.
      My last question is why Lee Strobel decided that Christianity fitted his beliefs instead of another you know if he has a video on that?

  2. This is great! I like having an opportunity for a back and forth discussion!
    There are a couple of points you made that no one can ever really know or answer, at least not in this reality, perhaps after our deaths we will know----and that is there could be many infinite powerful Gods out there and other planets or universes even with life. No way to know. But I am 100% confident that for this planet and this universe there is only One God. Maybe there are others in charge of their creations, and He is in charge of us. And it is possible we are not His only creations. I fantasize about another planet with another Eden with creatures and an Adam and Eve and maybe they never sinned and still live in a perfect world. Maybe there are others that require different interventions and have different Bibles than we do for guidance from God.

    And I agree about the DNA---that is what has really bowled me over into belief----and that DNA is only a tiny piece of things! There are so many receptors and chemicals acting on cells and causing them to react and produce things---like sugar on pancreas cells make it produce insulin---there are trillions of perfectly timed / created biochemical processes to keep us alive and healthy---that alone defies the odds of random evolution.
    I think it an interesting question (and a very, very good one) about Lee Strobel’s beliefs. He was an atheist, his wife became a Christian and he didn’t like it so Lee investigated it to show her it was a mockery, a cult, a lie. He was stunned that it was true. You can see his video “A Case for Christ” (or read his book) and see him lay out the evidence.
    BUT---what if his wife had become Muslim or a Buddhist? Then what would’ve happened? I would dare say he would find enough contradictions to make them easily discarded---but I don’t want to get into that debate right now. I think the question you are asking is “Why Jesus?” and that is answered thoroughly by Ravi Zacharias in his book “Jesus Among other Gods”. Here is a link to a variety of lectures by him on You Tube on this topic:
    And I think in a nutshell Ravi finds that all that is said about God in the Bible matches reality in a way no other religion can. It is pretty fascinating.

    1. I'm watching "The Case for Christ" now, and I'm at the part where he's talking about the tomb. Yes, the tomb was empty, and the disciples claimed it was because Jesus rose from the dead, and suffered rather than refute those claims. But that doesn't necessarily mean the claims were TRUE.
      To give an extreme example, look at the people fighting for Daesh. They (some of them, at any rate) believe what they are fighting for is real, and blow themselves up for it...

    2. Do note that I'm mainly giving comments on bits I disagree or am trying to find fault with, so all the empty space is parts I do agree with, haha.
      I haven't finished watching it but I'll do so later.
      Oh, one other thing, though: some Muslims do believe that Jesus rose from the dead...

  3. Awesome point! The difference is isis soldiers are being maryters for what they truly believe, not what they know is a lie. Death by crucifixion is the so horrible it is where the word excruciating derived. It us VERY unlikely people would volunteer to spread the gospel punishable by crucifixion if they knew it was a lie. They had to have believed as much as isis soldiers do today.