Ask Tiggerkat Page 2

Ask Tiggerkat---Page 2

I love hearing from you guys and love your questions!   My first "Ask Tiggerkat" page has gotten soooo Long!!  (that's a good thing, right?!!)  So I thought I better start another page to keep it easier to read. 

So please keep sending those comments / questions---don't leave all the work to my Dear Friend Rainbow Pegasus!!

AND  if you have questions or comments that you don't want  public you can email me anytime at:  

Mega Reese Cup Thank You's!!



  1. Thank you, friend!
    Keep those posts coming!

  2. Hi Tyg!
    Hmm, it's been a while since you made a post.

    Hey, um, I've always wondered about this:
    If God was all-knowing, and He knows what will happen to Adam and Eve (right?), why didn't He prevent the situation or just skip over to the results? Is it so man and God has a difference?

    1. you're right, I've been slacking! I can't even blame a bumper crop of Reese Cups to be keeping me busy!

      Your question is one I have ponder often, and I don't know if I have a good answer.

      I think we call God "All Knowing" because he lives outside of time, he sees everything anyone does at any time, but I think in the moment, He does not know what we are going to do, because we have free will.

      We could choose A or B and he only knows our choice because he sees us tomorrow at the same time he sees us today and yesterday.

      This is a confusing concept to me, but it is the only one that makes sense, at least to me. It hurts my head if I think on it too long! Kinda like time travel, black holes, worm holes.....I love thinking about those things but if you think on it too much it makes you dizzy! Unless maybe you are some kind of physics genius........

      what do you think? I like your comment about it being so man and God have a difference---that's deep!

    2. Time travel business gets me confused. My friend tried explaining it to me and I got a headache haha.

      About being a free-spirit, that is true. I like that opinion of yours.

      Also, do you have a New Years resolution?

    3. Yes, my new years resolution is to not make any resolutions fir the new year or the old year

  3. Hi!
    Um, Tiggerkat, you know about the mana/manna? The bread-like food God provided his people. What are they? Do they still exist nowadays?

    1. I recall that manna is the bread like substance God miraculously produced to feed his people as they wandered the desert for 40 years during the Exodus from Egypt.

      It does not exist today, I am sure it only existed those 40 years as God was producing each day for His people.

      People over history have tried to explain it, in attempts to prove it was a natural occurrence. But in 4,000 years they have not been able to do so, which provides more evidence of this being an act of God

      I found lots of interesting info here:

    2. Cool! I'll check it up on desktop. My mobile won't open Wikipedia for some reason.

  4. Hi!

    Um, so I was flipping through the Bible and when it got to the part of Jesus's resurrection, each Gospel tells a different tale.

    One said the angel waited on the rock.
    Another said that the angel waited inside the tomb.
    Another said that the angel appeared before them in the tomb.
    Some stated there was one, some said there were two.

    Why were the stories different?

    1. oohhh!! really good question! I now have homework to do and inspiration for a new post!! So glad to hear you are reading the Bible! Keep it up! Can I recommend Esther? Great story and if you like it there are some very accurate biblical fictions of this story that will really bring it all to life!

    2. Whoo, it's been a while since I read Esther (or partially)!
      Nevertheless I'll be sure to catch up on the Bible when I get my hands on it-

      That sounds wrong.
      When I have the Bible in my possession-

      OK, when I have the Bible with me.

    3. I haven't forgot you! I got really busy this week with baby chickens! I am working on a post for this but in a nutshell if I said I went to a ball game and spoke to a baseball player and you went to the same game and spoke to 3 players, then we're there 1 or 3?? Most likely more, we just only spoke about the player (s) we interacted with...

  5. Hi! Phew, it's been a while.
    I'd like to ask about religions...

    1. What is the difference of Christianity and Catholic?

    2. What if someone makes fun of others' religions? Is it sinful? How should we stop it?


    1. Hello Rainbow!! We need a rainbow here in Maryland----it's been raining almost daily for 4 weeks!!

      anyway----Catholics are Christians. When Peter and Paul established the Church after Jesus's death, it was the Catholic Church. I think Peter is considered the first Pope. Most Catholics identify as "catholic", even though they are Christians. There are many Protestants---I'm Methodist for example, but I think most Protestants identify themselves as "christian" rather than their Church.

      Making fun of other religions is sinful if it is meant to be harmful or demeaning. I mean, I could playfully make fun of hindus, perhaps, but in my heart I feel love for them, that would not be a sin. It might be considered bad taste to make jokes about other religions, but it may not be a sin

    2. Rain should certainly be better than dry, right? Dry for for weeks might lead to a drought or something.

      Hmm, is it that these religions are formed through the name of the churches they serve? I'm afraid I don't quite get it.

      Hmm, I see. My teacher works in a church but he calls one of my friends as a Muhammad as a god or something. I mean, wow.

  6. Hi! Mini-question!

    Is thinking about suffering bad? Say like wishing ill-will to someone or self?

    1. I do think wishing ill will for your self or others would be considered a sin, however it is human nature to think these things at times and something we would have to work on against having these thoughts. It would, of course, be much worse to act on those thoughts. If you are struggling with anything and want to talk, you still have my email address? *hugs*

    2. Not really... struggling. Something a bit natural. I tend to day dream and ponder a LOT and thoughts like those often float over, I'm not sure how to stop it sometimes, but usually they scare me about what's going to happen- will they come true?

    3. you are a creative person (I've read your story blog) and creative people tend to brood over ideas, some positive, others negative. I don't think they will come true, but it might be helpful to direct these ideas into your stories. Give it life there, outside of your mind, instead of letting it grow larger in your mind and possibly acting out in reality rather than in your story....

      If they are troublesome, surround yourself with positivitiy. Uplifting songs help me, so do uplifting friends. People who feed your negativity should be avoided. Friends should help to make you a better person, not a darker person.

      I hope that is helpful, if not, let me know, I will try again!
      **hugs and reese cups for you**

  7. Hello! I'm a bit curious about your views on these topics after reading some of your posts.

    1. In Buddhism, they believe in reincarnation and karma. Would reincarnation be like afterlife?

    2. Buddhism avoids the slaughtering and maltreatment of animals, mostly due to awareness of life? Either way, if so, and in the Bible God require offerings at times, what are your views on this opposing ideas?

    3. In God's 10 Commandments, it says not to worship idols. In Buddhism, while they do not worship the statue of Buddha, they pray to it. It's also in a Buddhist culture to offer to the moon and pray and also burn paper money for the dead. Would these go against God's wishes?

    4. What is baptism?

    1. Hello and Happy New Year! I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, based on my beliefs.....and I will confess that I do not know Buddhism.........

      1. I do not believe reincarnation is the same as the afterlife bc they believe you are reincarnated as someone else back into this world, I believe your soul and resurrected body is you and only you and you are in another world, hopefully heaven.

      2. In the Old Testement we sacrificed as a blood payment to cover our sin. I think God did not enjoy this, but to make us realize the seriousness of our "crimes", of our sins, He wanted us to do something that would really help us to understand. I think if you had to slaughter a bird every time you stole things, you would stop stealing.....for example

      3. Some Christians think praying to a statue of Mary, or to Jesus on a cross could be idol worship, I think God knows our heart and you could pray to a rock in His name and He would recognize that you are talking to Him not the rock. If offerings are made to the moon because you are turning to a "moon god" rather than Him for help it would be against His wishes because you would have another god before Him. Again, God will judge your heart.

      4. Baptism---as I best understand it is a symbolic way of dying to this world and being dedicated to God in a spiritual sense such that your are symbolically resurrected and "re-born" when you emerge from the waters.

      This is a bit different than Christenings when Holy water is sprinkled on an infants head. In this case, I understand it to be symbolic of the family promising God they will raise this child to be a Christian (to put it in simple terms---which is how my simple mind tends to work!)

      Did you see my newest post? I am starting an online Bible study, if you would like to join in, I would love it!! It will be a simple once a week posting of my thoughts as I go through the Bible and we can talk about it through comments if you are interested. If not, please keep in touch! I am enjoying your story blog when I get time to check in on it!! Keep up the writing!!

    2. Happy new year to you too!
      Thanks for answering! Reincarnation has always been a tough thing to think about haha.

      I'm not really sure why we set up a table of food for the moon though? Also sometimes we light incense sticks and make a wish and stick it into a pot on the... well, we call it a "paipai/baibai". It's a red wooden object... dupha? I don't know...

      Ooh, then again I heard people can be baptised more than once? Was it? Does it mean if they do a wrong deed they can ask for baptism so that the person who did that deed is now dead?

      Lastly, when someone has a new house, some priests attend and sprinkle holy water in every room. I'm still puzzled about it. What is the purpose of it?

      God bless you, Tiggerkat!

    3. technically you are only baptized once, after that it is a "re-affirmation" of faith. I was baptized as an infant. Because I became an atheist then found my way back to God I was "re-affirmed" a few years ago. It is a symbolically way of turning my back on my old self and dedicating myself to God.

      As far as new homes go, the holy water, I believe is to ward off evil spirits. I found this article on holy water and I think you'll find it intersting, including the comments