Friday, November 28, 2014

Evolution Does Nothing to Explain:

WHY we are here?

WHY we have morals?

WHY we feel and need love?

WHY we are people with Art and Music?

Atheists prescribe to the Theory of Evolution 
as the Proof that Science trumps Religion,
 There is No God,
 End of Story.

But that doesn't even come close to reality.

Whether Evolution is true or not,
 It doesn't even begin to explain the whole story of “us”.

Evolution is a theory

 that suggests 


we are here, 

But science can never explain 


we are here.

Evolution cannot give satisfactory answers to many questions. 

Evolution is based on the 
Theory of Natural Selection 
which in a nut shell claims 
The best organism of a species 
Will pass on its genes to the next generation 
Creating a progressively better, more advanced product. 

 That is:  

The strongest wins.

IF this is the case,
Then it doesn't explain why we have a sense of right and wrong,
That we have a moral code hard wired into our beings. 

 Per evolution,
 why shouldn't a strong man rape
As many women as possible 
To pass along his DNA

Atheist will offer up the theory of the “Altruistic Gene”.  
Altruism is when you are willing to die so someone else can live.  

This obviously goes against a belief in the Strongest Wins. 
 Atheist will claim that we are hard wired to do this
For the good of the whole population, 
that we recognize that sometimes we must sacrifice ourselves 
For the good of the species.

To me that sounds like it contradicts the very basis of Evolution:
Survival of the Fittest.

Another thing Evolution cannot explain is beauty.  
Ok, I can see that the most beautiful person or animal 
Is more likely to successfully pass their DNA to the next generation
As they will likely have more opportunities to do so.  

But I mean an appreciation for the beautiful.  
For what purpose does a butterfly need to be beautiful in our eyes?  
They only need to impress other butterflies, not us.  

Or appreciate beautiful scenery? 

Evolution cannot satisfactorily explain why every culture has art and music.  
Why are we compelled to create music, dance, to paint, to write, 
to move others emotionally through our craft?

You may push this and say, birds sing and dance in their courtships, 
So that is all we are doing.  

The Bower Bird even produces art to attract a mate
As he collects and displays trinkets.  

But this is not the same.  
Birds are doing this explicitly to attract mates.  

We produce art for art’s sake.

Only one answer can satisfy all these Questions left Unanswered by Science.  


We are made in God’s image and follow God’s moral code.  

We express God’s love.  

God loves beauty and music and art, and as we are in his image, we do as well.

I wouldn't necessarily argue Evolution is wrong
 (although I personally believe it is)
Because one could argue Evolution is the mechanism God used in creation.  

God created all the Laws of Science and abides by them. 
 Evolution perhaps included.

But I do argue that Evolution and Science are proof there is no God, 
End of Discussion.  

That’s the one Beauty of Science---

The discussion