Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'll Believe It When I See It

This is a common thought among those who do not know the Lord.  

I say, that's a person who isn't thinking.   I don't mean to sound insulting (only just enough to grab your attention).   So think about it---You'll Believe in God WHEN you see Him?  Isn't that a bit too late?  I mean that basically says, when I die and IF there is a God and IF there is a Heaven, THEN I will believe!  

Well, that's too late!  You will stand before Him and he will send you away from Him.  He believed in YOU all those years, but YOU never took the time to think about Him, learn about Him and Believe in Him.  With great sorrow he will turn you away from Him as you chose to do all your life.

But really, when a person says "I'll believe it when I see it" they are saying they just can't find proof of God in the world they are looking at.   What this person isn't understanding is there are MANY things we cannot see.   Molecules, Distant Planets, Ancient Civilizations----we can't SEE them, but we believe in them because we can read / learn about them.

BUT WAIT!!  There is a wonderful book from which YOU can learn ALL ABOUT GOD!  Just as you can pick up a science book to learn about molecules or other planets, or a history book to learn about other civilizations---the Bible will teach you all about God.

But who says the Bible is Real?  Historians.  More and more historians are finding PROOF of what the Bible tells us.  Just one example of many----> They read from Roman Historians (who did not believe in GOD) write about the miracles of the son of the Jewish God named Jesus.  

Archaeologists are finding remains of cities mentioned in the Bible that were thought to be make believe---like the city of Jericho.  At one time no one believed it was a real place, but then archaeologists found it and now it is in every history book.

Scientists----are finding proof of the Bible.  Actually the Bible said, 4000 yrs ago that God hung the Earth in the Sky with the Stars---meaning the world is NOT flat.   Science didn't prove it until about 700 years ago.   6,000 years ago  God said there is a beginning to the universe, and that (sing it now!) "it all started with a Big Bang" (I love that show!)  and it was about 50 years that Science proved it.

So, If you CAN BELIEVE things you read in books, and if The Bible is TRUE---then what could you learn from the Bible about God??  And---would you Believe it if you Read it???   I challenge you to do so!

Now in all honesty, it is a hard book to read. This is why Church/ Sunday School is so important, they really help me to understand what the Bible teaches us, that is why I recommend it so much.

If you are "On the Fence" talk with a friend who believes..,.. ask them why they believe.   Ask them what they know.  Ask them if you can go to Church / Sunday School.   I pray you do this!

I pray you do this so that when you DO SEE GOD, that means you have died and are standing before HIM in Heaven and He will smile and welcome you.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Why is Dying Bad?

This question brought to you by:  Kinyonga!

I asked for inspiration and my friends did not fail me.  From Kinyonga's comment I will tell you what I believe from my studies / research.  Of course I cannot tell if it is the truth, I am not an expert.  

Death can be defined as "A separation from God"----that is the kind of death Adam and Eve experienced when they "ate the apple"  (and much later they physically died as well)

I think God is Holy and Just and I believe in the Bible it says when you die, you will be judged.   If you have lived a life apart from God, then I think your death will be apart from Him as well.   That is, of course, bad, and in that eternal loneliness could be considered Hell.   

Those who are judged as living their life as a "good and faithful servant  will spend eternity with God in a new kingdom that He builds on Earth.   Otherwise known as "heaven".

What I struggle with is this:   Above is the "Christian" point of view----so how would God Judge others?

Here is what I think, after much reflection and prayer.  The first non-Christian group I want to talk about are Jewish people.   This group of people are God's favored, His Chosen ones.  Throughout the Old Testament when the Jews "wandered away" in their Faith, He corrected their course and forgave them, over and over, because He loves them so.  (Btw---I am not saying that Christians don't "screw up", we do, and we repent and God forgives)

But the New Testement says only those who believe in Son (Jesus) can come to the Father.   I think that is a New Covenent (promise) given to Christians.   Jewish people do not believe Jesus was the Son of God.  So I think God will judge them based on Old Covenents.    I don't know many Jewish people, but the ones I do are wonderful, loving, giving people and I can't imagine they wouldn't find favor in God and be welcomed into heaven.

Then there are people all over the world who have never heard of Jesus or God.  Native tribes in remote areas for example.  But you will find that these groups always believe in higher powers and afterlife.  I trust God to be fair in judging them, how can He fault them for what they don't know??   But ALL people are born with an instinct for right and wrong, good and bad----so I think He will judge on that.

I read "Heaven is Real"----(I recommend it highly!) and the little boy talked about the people he saw had wings of different size.   It was explained that like when you graduate high school, some will graduate with honors (big wings) others by the skin of their teeth (little wings), but all graduate.   

SOOOO-----Why is Dying Bad??   It isn't.  Not if you lead a life in service to others.  Not if  you lead a life of compassion and love for everyone.  That is what is expected of us "to graduate" into Heaven. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Obstacles in Life

Thank you vms915 for suggesting a post on overcoming obstacles!

I have spent time thinking and praying on this.  Obstacles is a very broad term, there are so many kinds of obstacles in life.  I was thinking and talking with God in my heart / mind and this Bible verse kept leaping into my heart / mind:  the one that says "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

So I decided to study this verse further.  It is from Romans 8:31  " What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?"  (you can read more here: Romans 8: Comfort in God's Sovereignty  )

Again, "obstacles" is such a broad term.   Everyone suffers and has their own obstacles to overcome.   Some are truly horrible, perhaps they are abused, neglected, suffer from disease or poverty.  Obstacles do not have to be that huge.  Perhaps the obstacle we struggle with is the death of a loved one, or a fight with a friend. Or being bullied at school.  It could be loneliness.   There are like 7 billion people on earth, so I would bet there is 7 billion different obstacles.

But what they all have in common, is the deep hurt / struggle we have with them that it removes us from God.  
I think that is what we first have to recognize.  That's what it tells us in the first verse:  God will cause all things to work together for good for those who love God.    Are you putting God first?  Or the obstacle?

Without God these obstacles can put us in a deep dark hole.  We can't see the light, we only see the pain and hurt.  Without His help we might turn to trying to "fix" things ourselves, maybe by turning to the wrong people, turning to drinking or drugs, or hurting ourselves, like cutting.

If you struggle with any kind of obstacle, you have to get "right" with God.  By this I mean seek Him.  Pray for His help, pray for His interventions, that he will put the right people before you who can help.  Surround yourself with others who Know Him.  

Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:30 "For my Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light"
More on "My Yoke is Easy"

It means God / Jesus wants to help us in our times of need, want to help us overcome our obstacles and to be all He designed us to be.   He offers His help, all you have to do is accept it.


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Here is a Great Song that maybe Sums this All Up!

Here is the Story Behind that Great Song!

Tiffany Lee, aka Plumb, tells the story behind "Need You Now (How Many Times), "Need You Now was born out of anxiety and panic attacks I had as a teenager. I've learned over the years that no matter how many times I've cried out to God, for whatever reason, He never grows tired. He never leaves us alone or gives us more than we can carry because he loves us. No matter what we've done. I'm so thankful this song that has helped me, can give hope to others as well."

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Looking for Inspiration

Earlier in this blog I have felt inspired by God to post about certain thoughts I was having.  But I haven't felt that in a while, except for this thought to seek inspiration from you.   What would you like me to post about?