Thursday, July 12, 2012


God created me as a very Curious Creature.    I have so many questions about Him and the Universe He Created.   Things like, is He Real?   Does He really Love us?   Why do Bad Things Happen?   How do I know He is the One True God?  So many questions.  So I have done lots of reading and research and go to Church and have learned SO Much!

I've always wanted to share what I have learned, but didn't really know how.

Then Great Shot turned me onto blogging.  That has been great fun.  I don't really play games too much, I don't have a Wii or a DS or X-box, I'm a bit of a nerd.  I love reading and researching and my passion right now is learning all about God.

Through my blog, however, I have made some really great new friends.  I didn't know you could feel a closeness to a person you never really met, but I do.  I feel a kind of love for my blogging friends and I think about them, pray for them, etc.

Recently, one of my blogging friends introduced me to one of her friends who was conflicted.  She was spending so much time blogging and playing video games that she wasn't spending time with God or with other people in the "real" world.

She thought she would quit blogging and gaming.  I suggested to her if she loves blogging and God, why not Blog about God??   She liked that idea.  You can see her blog here:

Then I discovered another girl who felt she was spending too much time gaming so she has dedicated a blog to God, you can see her work here:

So I have been thinking about what they are doing and have become inspired to do the same.  I decided to create this blog.   I won't be posting as much as I do on my Ode To Reese Cups Blog, that is a lot of work (and alot of fun) and I like to post on it daily because many of you check in on me daily.  So I may try to do this once a week and I invite you to follow this blog.  It will be a glimpse into the serious side of Tiggerkat.