Sunday, August 24, 2014

"He Giveth More Grace"

By Annie Johnson Flint

He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater, 
He sendeth more strength when the labors increase; 

To added affliction He addeth His mercy; 
To multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted our store of endurance, 
When our strength has failed ere the day is half done, 

When we reach the end of our hoarded resources, 
Our Father's full giving is only begun.

Fear not that thy need shall exceed His provision, 
Our God ever yearns His resources to share; 

Lean hard on the arm everlasting, availing; 
The Father both thee and thy load will upbear.

His love has no limit; His grace has no measure. 
His pow'r has no boundary known unto men; 

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus, 
He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again!


It is written by Paul in Corinthians, "My Grace is sufficient"

What this means is that whatever you are going through, God is with you,
God will guide you, comfort you and give you strength to endure.
He may not remove the hardship, but He will see you through.

Annie Johnson Flint knew hardship.

Born in the 1800's she was orphaned as a young child.
She was poor and grew up in a difficult world.

In her later years she became severely crippled by arthritis, 
but she still wrote poetry reflecting her love for Christ.

Her was so severe that she was unable to hold a pen - a crayon or stick of chalk
 was wedged between her fingers so she could write on a surface suspended over her bed. 

To Learn more about Annie, Click Here

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Christian Book Reviews

I have found myself getting very excited reading Biblical Historical Fiction.
So I thought I might share with you some of my favorites.

First up is:

 "The Reluctant Demon Diaries"

By Linda Rios Brook

In this Trilogy + One  we have a mysterious and very nervous stranger bringing ancient scrolls to a world renowned archaeologist, Samantha Yale,  who specializes in ancient translations.   
He leaves the scrolls and mysteriously disappears

As she translates the scrolls, she quickly realizes that they may be the most significant find in history!  
 It corroborates the Book of Genesis, but told from a very different point of view.  
 The ancient scrolls are revealed to be a diary of an angel 
who believes he was mistakenly cast from Heaven during Lucifer’s revolt.  
Thus he is now a demon, banned from Heaven for eternity.

The little demon is a meek creature, but with keen insight into the newly created world of humans.  
Satan tasks him with being a watcher.  
So he watches mankind and reports significant events to his master, 
Satan, all the while lamenting that God may never forgive him 
for his sin of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This series is a fast passed retelling of Genesis with humor sprinkled in.  

You will not be able to put it down!

So go now, download this book on your kindle, nook, tablet 

or purchase from a store,

 or check it out from your local library!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ouija Boards

Harmless Game?

or Not?

I think NOT!

Most people when asked, laugh and say it's not real.

Image result for people laughing

If it's not real then why are there so many documented cases of contact with the dead?

Or haunting by demons?

Or even possession?

If it is just a game, why does the Catholic Church warn against it ?

There are numerous verses in the Bible in which God warns us against 

participating in occult practices and attempting to speak with the dead.

And that is the point of this board game.

God knows these things can bring us closer to evil and take us further from Him.

Now some of you are laughing, because it is just a board game---it's just fun. 

It's not real.

That's what Nikki Harper claims in article on the subject.

After stating it is just for fun, at the end of the article she describes how her husband

 uses Ouija boards in his paranormal studies. 

 He claims sometimes nothing happens, and sometimes words are spelled out.

Well if words are being spelled out

And it is not of his control,

then is this still a game?

Or is he connecting with the spirit world?

Which brings me back to the warnings from the Bible, which is God's spoken Truth.

Hundreds of people have played with Ouija boards and nothing bad has happened.

But hundreds of people have played with the Ouija board 

and have had some very scary things happen to them!

Why risk it?

If the game is fake---what a waste of your time and money.

If it is real----what a waste of your soul.

Too high a price to pay.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why Doesn't God Do Something?

So much is going on in the world right now.

ISIS is executing Christians in Iraq

War between Israel and Hamas

Civilian Airplane shot down in the Ukraine.

And even in our own our own home towns.

There are Homeless

There is violence

There is bullying.

So much Evil

You can't blame someone for 

Doubting God's Existence in the face of all this.

It makes the most faithful of us ask questions and feel doubt.

There is a new(ish) song out by Matthew West

Called "Do Something"

In this song he cries out to God, 

"Why don't you do something?!!"

And God responds,  "I did."

"I created you."

We are created to love and care for one another.

But when we look around

the amount of evil is overwhelming.

What can I do?

What can I do that will actually make a difference?

I can't change ISIS

I can't stop a war

I can't even stop the violence I see in my own home town.

And this reminds me of a story

A parable perhaps.

It's called:  The Starfish Story:

One day, a man was walking along the beach, enjoying the morning sun and cool breeze from the ocean.Suddenly, far off in the distance, he saw what looked like someone dancing.  But as he drew closer, the man noticed that it was a little girl picking up starfish from the shore and tossing them back into the ocean.As he approached the girl, he paused for a moment, kind of puzzled, then asked, “Young lady – why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?"
And she replied…”Well, the sun is up, and the tide is going out. If I leave these starfish on the beach, the sun will dry them up and they will die.”.
And the man said “But there are thousands of starfish washed up all along this beach for miles! You can’t possibly make a difference!”
The young girl thought for a moment, then slowly leaned over, and carefully picked up another starfish from the sand. And with the starfish in hand, she turned to the man and gently said “You may be right, but it’ll make a difference to this one!”
And with that, she reached back and threw the starfish as far as she could back into the ocean.

So while I may not be able to save the world. 
 Perhaps I can make a small difference. 
 By showing kindness to others.   

Helping someone in need.

Pay attention out there and you will see many opportunities
 to help others and show them 
the love of Christ.

Check out this video: