Saturday, August 31, 2013

You met some Famous Christians, Now meet some Famous Athiests

  My last post I listed some famous Christians.

Ok, they may not be super famous

Like these guys:

Joseph Stalin

Communist Leader of the Soviet Union
Who's reign led to the 
death of 2.5 to 10 million people

Pol Pot

Leader of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia
Who's reign led to the death of
 one third of the Cambodian population

Mao Zedong

Communist Leader of China
Who's reign led to the death of 
20 to 67 million of his people

Benito Mussolini

Facist Leader of Italy
Who's reign led to the death of over 300,00 people

Looking at this list, you may be wondering

What about Hitler?

Adolf Hitler

Hitler was raised as a Catholic and pretended to be a Christian;

so he is arguably, NOT an athiest. 

But he was NOT a Christian either.

I mean really---do you think he is in heaven?

Do you think Jesus Christ approved of what he was doing?

Do you think the Bible supports his twisted views??

A wolf can call himself a sheep all he wants, 

He can even try to walk like a sheep and talk like a sheep.

But he is still a wolf---and very dangerous to all the sheep he hides among.

That is why we have a Shepard

To identify the wolves, remove them and protect his flock.

Friday, August 30, 2013

God is a Fairy Tale

There is a group called the New Atheists

That claim that God is a Fairy Tale

Like Santa.

And as children become adults, they should leave that foolishness behind.

Here's one problem with that thinking.

Do you know  anyone that did not believe in Santa,  but now as adults do?

And here is the other:

They imply that Believers are not very smart.

So, if you are an Atheist, please tell me,

Are you smarter than these Brainless Believers?

Nicholas Copernicus---Proved the Earth Revolved around the Sun

Isaac Newton---"Father of Physics"

Charles Darwin---Founder of the Theory of Natural Selection

Albert Einstein---"Theory of Relativity" and "Theory of Special Relativity"

C.S.Lewis--Author of "The Chronicles of Narnia"
He set out to disprove Christianity, then became one of its biggest supporters

J.R.R. Tolkien---Author the "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy

Dr. Frances Collins---Former Athiest, Lead in the Human Genome Project, now outspoken Christian

Lee Strobel---Journalist, former atheist, set out to disprove Christianity, Now outspoken Christian 

Dr. Ben Carson---famed pediatric neurosurgeon at John's Hopkins University

Joan Roughgarden---Stanford University, professor of Evolution, 
wrote a book on Evolution and the Christian Faith

John Lennox---Mathematician, Oxford University

Gerald Schroeder---Physicist at MIT

It seems to me that if God is a Fairy tale,

Why do all these highly educated, notable intellectuals

(and there are tons more)

Believe in something that to Atheists is so obviously non-existent?

Someone is right

and someone is wrong.

I think I am in good company