Sunday, January 26, 2014

Isaiah 55: 8-9

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.  As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."  Isaiah 55: 8-9

I like this Bible Verse because it reminds me that we should not (and cannot) expect to understand why things happen sometimes.    When things happen, especially when bad things happen, and we cannot understand why, it is because we really, really can't understand why.

God's wisdom is so much greater than ours, it would be like trying to explain Einstein to a rock.  You just wouldn't even try, right?   So He doesn't even try to explain it, but He DOES tell us over and over again, that He loves us and if we are faithful in Him we will all understand one day.

So when things are horrible, and your believe in God is shaken, remember Isaiah.  Remember God loves you SOOOOOO much.  And He will carry you through.

As this picture illustrates----we only see a small piece of the overall design.........

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Thinking

A friend of mine was recently asked if she would like to put money in on a group gift for a lady who was soon to marry----another lady.   Gay marriage is now legal in the state in which I live.  The friend said absolutely not, she did not support gay marriage as it was as sin against God and she would not participate in it in anyway.

Guess what.

This friend of mine, she lives with her boyfriend.

Who's sin is greater in God's eyes?

God sees all sin the same and all sin separates us from God.

And not just the "biggies" like murder, stealing, lying-- All sin separates us.  This includes the ones we don't usually think about like, sex outside of marriage, abusing our body (drugs, alcohol, cutting, etc), ill will towards others (road rage anyone?)  or even gossiping or pride.

As Christians, we strive to live our lives like Jesus and we must remember that He loved sinners.  He was often found hanging out with them (and this drove the religious leaders crazy!)  Jesus never condemned them, He forgave them and told them to "go forth and sin no more".

When we "judge" others, we should first take a look at and judge ourselves.   As Jesus said, "He who is without sin may cast the first stone."  None of us can cast even a single stone.  We need to embrace all of God's children, show them the love Christ shows us and share the gospel of God's love with them.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I don't understand Athiests

I really don't.

But then I used to not understand Christians.

How can they believe in something they can't see, or prove?  And isn't the Bible just a collection of unprovable myths?

But, as the song goes, "I was blind, but now I see!"

I have been studying this so much over the past several years that now I don't know how anyone who gives it a little bit of thought, a little bit of research,can deny that God exists.   I am of the conclusion that it takes more FAITH to NOT believe, than to believe.

Evolution:  This is the biggest "weapon" of the atheist.  Evolution is proof that we did not need a creator to exist.  I ask, if Evolution is true, then why could it not be a tool by the almighty to which He brought us forth? So Evolution itself does not mean or prove that there is no God.

Time:  another "weapon" of the atheist.  Science shows us that the universe is billions of years old.  The Bible tells us it is less than 10,000 years old.  If the Bible is wrong about this, then how can I believe anything else?  Gerald Schroeder, PhD from MIT has a great article The Age of the Universe that uses Einstein's Law of Relativity to show how both can be right, so again, we did not prove God does not exist.

The Atheist wants us to prove that God exists, but is unable to prove that God does not exist.  You cannot prove a negative.  If I say that no where in the universe does there exist a red stone with black stripes and blue spots, I can never prove it.  Because I am unable to search the entire universe to prove it.   To say that God does not exist is to say that you have searched the entire universe to know this is true, or that you are omnipotent which only God can be.  

Now, I concede that I cannot prove God exists by taking Him by the hand and presenting  Him to you. Which is pretty much the kind of proof that Atheists want.   But I know He exists because I exist.  The universe exists, Earth exists, so something created it.  And the overwhelming complexity of life is too incredible to not be made by a creator.  It exists, something created it.

Also, There is historical, archaeological and scientific evidences that reveal more and more what the Bible says is true.  SO.  If I believe there is a creator (because I exist) and I am learning that the Bible is true, then I must believe that God exists.

To deny it just takes too much faith.

There is a really great book by Lee Strobel called "A Case for the Creator" an another one called "A Case for Jesus".   Lee Strobel was an atheist and is an investigational journalist.  He set out to prove that God / Jesus do not and can not possible exist.  But the more he researched and learned, the more obvious it was to him that God / Jesus do exist and are who they claim to be.  I urge any doubters to read his book or watch his Case for Christ / Case for the Creator and then decide for yourself.  It may be the most important thing you ever do.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Doesn't God Show Himself!?!

Read this today on Facebook:  "If God is real, why doesn't He prove it to me?  If salvation of my soul is what He wants, then why doesn't Jesus show up at my door?  Why doesn't He make me, an adult, grow another foot taller?  Or an amputee's leg grow back?  Where are the miracles?  Where is the proof?!"

I have struggled with this question myself before I was a believer.   When I was 12 years old and having a severe asthma attack, struggling in my bed in the middle of the night to breath, I prayed---"If you are real, make this asthma attack stop!"

Guess what.  

It DID stop!  

But I figured it was a coincidence and so I did not believe.  When our hearts are hardened in disbelief;  when we willfully do not want to know Him, we ignore the miracles all around us.

Jesus performed miracles, and still people didn't believe.  One day Jesus was brought before the religious leaders who demanded He perform a miracle so they might believe.  Jesus would not.   Jesus knew what was in their hearts.  He knew they did not really want to believe.   Jesus  was not a "dog and pony show".  He performed miracles for those who believed and had faith.

There is a story in Luke 16:19-31 called "Lazarus and the Rich Man".   In a nutshell, Lazarus is a poor, filthy, and very ill man lying at the gates of the rich man, begging for food.  The rich man ignores him day after day.

Then one day they both die.  Lazarus goes to Heaven, the rich man goes to Hell.  The rich man is tormented eternally in Hell (this is one of the Bible's glimpses for us to learn what Hell is like) with an unquenchable thirst.  The rich man begs Abraham for mercy.  There is none.  Then he begs Abraham that Lazarus be raised from the dead to warn the rich man's family to repent and be spared the fate of going to Hell.  

Abraham tells the rich that the hearts of his family are so hardened in disbelief, ignoring the law of Moses and the prophets that they would not even believe a man risen from the dead.

Guess what. 

Jesus was risen from the dead. 

And just as Abraham told the rich man, people did not believe. The risen Jesus appeared to over 500 people, and still, people did not believe.  We have multitudes of written accounts including eye witness accounts (the gospels) of this miracle and still, today, people do not believe.

God cries out for our salvation..  He truly wants us to repent so we can be with Him in eternity.  He gives us evidence--all around us---in the Bible, in Historical Records, in Archaeological records, and in Science, but we choose not to look at the evidence.  We don't read the Bible, we don't study the Historical and Archaeological facts and don't accept that Science can prove God.

God will not be a "dog and pony" show.  He has presented the evidence, He has shown Himself to us.  It is up to us to open our hearts and accept the evidence and turn to Him.  For our Salvation.  For our eternal souls.

Monday, January 13, 2014

When Atheists Are Angry With God

I read this really interesting post on: The Gospel Coalition

When Atheists Are Angry at God  (by Joe Carter)

I've shaken my fist in anger at stalled cars, storm clouds, and incompetent meterologists. I've even, on one terrible day that included a dead alternator, a blaring blaring tornado-warning siren, and a horrifically wrong weather forecast, cursed all three at once. I've fumed at furniture, cussed at crossing guards, and held a grudge against Gun Barrel City, Texas. I've been mad at just about anything you can imagine.
Except unicorns. I've never been angry at unicorns.
It's unlikely you've ever been angry at unicorns either. We can become incensed by objects and creatures both animate and inanimate. We can even, in a limited sense, be bothered by the fanciful characters in books and dreams. But creatures like unicorns that don't exist — that we truly believe not to exist — tend not to raise our ire. We certainly don't blame the one-horned creatures for our problems.
Angry-at-GodThe one social group that takes exception to this rule is atheists. As C.S. Lewis once testified, "I was at this time living, like so many Atheists or Antitheists, in a whirl of contradictions. I maintained that God did not exist. I was also very angry with God for not existing. I was equally angry with Him for creating a world." Lewis' experience is not uncommon among atheists. Many claim to believe that God does not exist and yet, according to empirical studies, they tend to be the people most angry at him.
In 2011 a set of studies in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that atheists and agnostics report anger toward God either in the past or anger focused on a hypothetical image of what they imagine God must be like. Julie Exline, a psychologist at Case Western Reserve University and the lead author of that 2011 study, has examined other data on this subject with identical results. Exline explains that her interest was first piqued when an early study of anger toward God revealed a counterintuitive finding: Those who reported no belief in God reported more grudges toward him than believers.
At first glance, this finding seemed to reflect an error. How could people be angry with God if they did not believe in God? Reanalyses of a second dataset revealed similar patterns: Those who endorsed their religious beliefs as "atheist/agnostic" or "none/unsure" reported more anger toward God than those who reported a religious affiliation.
Exline notes that the findings raised questions of whether anger might actually affect belief in God's existence, an idea consistent with social science's previous clinical findings on "emotional atheism."
Studies in traumatic events suggest a possible link between suffering, anger toward God, and doubts about God's existence. According to Cook and Wimberly (1983), 33% of parents who suffered the death of a child reported doubts about God in the first year of bereavement. In another study, 90% of mothers who had given birth to a profoundly retarded child voiced doubts about the existence of God (Childs, 1985). Our survey research with undergraduates has focused directly on the association between anger at God and self-reported drops in belief (Exline et al., 2004). In the wake of a negative life event, anger toward God predicted decreased belief in God's existence.
The most striking finding was that when Exline looked only at subjects who reported a drop in religious belief, their faith was least likely to recover if anger toward God was the cause of their loss of belief. In other words, anger toward God may not only lead people to atheism but also give them a reason to cling to their disbelief.

You can read more by clicking the Link above for The Gospel Coalition

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

There is a Creator

The Theory of Evolution states that over time, genetic mutations cause changes 
in an organism's structure that increases its ability to survive over others
and thus it "evolves" into a new kind of organism.

One of the many problems with this theory is that it cannot adequately explain the
Irreducible Complexity found in all organisms, especially when you get to the cellular level.

Irreducible Complexity was explained to me like this.

Start with a basic mousetrap

A very simple machine, made of 3 different components. 
Without any one of these components, the mousetrap will not work.

If the mousetrap were a living organism, Evolution would tell us that 
all 3 of those components would evolve through random mutations
 in concert with one another, at the same time in such a way
 that all 3 come together to create a functional mousetrap.

Now, that's just a mousetrap, with 3 components.

Cells are, of course, much more complex!

The example described to me was the Flagellum of a Bacteria.

Bacteria are the simplest of all organisms.

Yet it contains a structure, the flagellum, that is so complex, 

that the thought that it each of its parts could evolve randomly 
at the right time to produce an operating organelle
 is just beyond any reasonable odds.

I have found websites by Evolutionists explaining how flagellum could indeed evolve,
 but even if they are right, this is just ONE of several complex organelles 
that operate in the bacteria, 
and not only would each have to evolve each of its parts in concert to be functional,
 but all of the organelles would have to evolve in concert
 to create a functional living organism.

And think about the complexity of us.   
So all organelles of all our cells would have to evolve its parts just perfectly
 so that the organelles and cells will operate.  
Then all these cells would have to evolve in its functions in concert with other cells
 to make tissues and organs, such as heart,  liver, lungs,
 that operate and function to allow us to be alive.

So from proteins to organelles
 to cells to tissues
 to organs to systems
 to organism....

that is just TOO many pieces of a puzzle to think could evolve.

And then think about how many different organisms there are!!

The odds of all of this is too phenomenal for any reasonable person to accept as random.

There is a Creator.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Am Issuing A Challenge to You for the New Year

I read this article on the Blog "The Gospel Coalition" :  How To Change Your Mind


It's not just Changing your mind, but transforming your worldview.

In an Nut Shell it Challenges you to Do the Following:

1. Choose a book of the Bible.
2. Read it in its entirety.
3. Repeat step #2 twenty times.
4. Repeat this process for all books of the Bible.

There is more detail / information in the actual article, but I am accepting the Challenge

I think I will try a short one. 

 From this article here are the New Testament books from shortest to longest:   
 3 John, 2 John, Phlm, Jude, Titus, 2Thess, Rev, 2 Peter, 2 Tim, 1Thess, Col, 1 Tim, Phil, 1 Peter, James, 1 John, Gal, Eph, 2 Cor, Heb, 1 Cor, Rom, Mark, John, Matt, Acts, Luke
And Here is a Link for OT Book Lengths:  Click Here

I will start with The Book of  Ruth.

It is short and I have never read it before, so I think it will be a good place to try this idea!

Will you accept the Challenge?

Want to read Ruth with me?