Sunday, September 29, 2013

Proof of God?

 Francis Collins is a doctor who was raised as an atheist.
 In the 1990's he became the lead scientist in the "Human Genome Project".
This project's goal was to map / sequence an entire human DNA molecule.
It took years to complete and during this time, Dr. Collins became a Christian.

Now he speaks to groups and writes books on how science is not only
compatible with God and the Bible, but that it proves God and the Bible to be true.
(I recommend his book: "The Language of God")

In one of his speeches he shows this beautiful slide of a stain glass window:

It is so beautiful, so intricate, so perfectly symmetrical
that it must have a designer, right?

Or perhaps it could randomly form itself out of a stadium filled with glass fragments
Given enough time and the right conditions

Then he shows this picture:

It is looking down a DNA molecule taken by an electron microscope.

Look at all those intricate pieces.

billions of molecules----perfectly arranged.

Found in the most complex creatures (man) and in the simplest (bacteria)

If you don't believe the stained glass window could ever form itself over time,

Why do you think this could?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

His Love and Grace Sufficient Is

A Beautiful Poem written by "Cereal-in-a-Bowl" from Deviant Art and shared with permission

My thoughts they scatter like the seeds
which sprout just above my grass stained knees
whose names, colour, breed and creed
bleed across the 
The fields are open and there they spread
at length they have their presence made
all in a row their roses grow and grow
above the cherry blossom daisies grow...
they lift their heads and raise their brow

A sheep so black in tufts of wool
have wandered forth this grassy pool
of flowers which sprout like cowlick hair
messing up the quiet affair
in sheepish grin it faces where
the flowers moo-ed as cows and calf
it is strange of course to see such display
as sounds uncertain echoes in the way

now as I walk down the meadow's path
an angel stood with golden arrows and silver spears
whose wings spread wide like scattered clouds
white as the skies and soft as cotton...
his hair is golden skin so white
his eyes are blue in human sight
he motioned quietly in the green bouquet
to follow him this way...this way...

Strands of golden thread at length
knit across the fields we went
closer still the gold made apparent
as the Lord Jesus Christ stood there so gloriously

His face of course was brilliant, bright
so handsome, beautiful, perfect, glorious in His awesome light
then He faced this black ashed sheep
knelt so low
like a mighty mountain bow and so made its shoulders steep
He looked at me...I daren't reply...
but in His eyes, was love unbridled
His lips did curve
those blessed pair
those lips so red like apples breast so as to compare
but none so red
and none so sweet to tempt 
the mortal soul to perhaps taste and then blush and withdraw
for its petition is far..far too bold?

He held His staff and rod
His sash so red yet strung in gold
His love and mercy radiates all round His Holy vessel
surrounding Him were angels and saints of every counsel

He held me close and whispered soft as rose
"Oh child of Mine, I love you so,
Your tendency to doubt my love
has injured me and made me weep
O child of Mine, dispel all those who say
things that may shrivel faith away
You know I love you above all things...
and all your attempts are of value unto Me...
I love you, My child...every thing about you
so yield unto Me...
and in Me shall be refreshed and renewed..."

With that loving whisper said
He laid me close and I rest my head
upon His chest, my Saviour blessed
placed both hands upon my head
above the skies a white snow dove
rested where His hands were placed
Then I knew He wanted to affirm

"The Lord makes firm the steps
   of the one who delights in him;
 though he may stumble, he will not fall,
   for the Lord upholds him with his hand.
(psalm 37:23-24)

Is this blog going to the Dogs?

Just a little joke to get your attention.

I wanted to share with you a little theory I have concocted all on my own.

You ever notice how Dogs come in so many different Sizes and Shapes?

But you don't see this with different breeds of Cats

Or Horses

(ok, horses do come in different sizes)

Or Cows

Or any other animal that I can think of.

Only Dogs.

Why is that?

I have learned recently that the DNA of Dogs 
has some very unique parts

that allow them to be "transformed" 
by humans breeding them for so many different purposes.

We have, of course, dogs to love on.

Or to help farmers with herding

Or to help the Blind

(this one sings too!)

Or for Search and Rescue

Hunting  large animals

Hunting small animals

Getting rid of harmful animals

Retrieving Game

Or Other Needed Items



 Helping with the workload

And Transportation

You don't see this diversity with any other animal!!

So I conclude that not only is "Dog Man's Best Friend"

I think that Dogs are a true Gift from God.

Maybe our true Guardian Angels?