Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Stone So Large

Here's a fun question Atheists like to throw around:

"Can God make a stone so large that He cannot pick it up?"

Or this one:

"Can God make a triangle with four sides?"

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Of course there is no rational answer to these questions

And the Atheist thinks he has you cornered!

After all, if an all-powerful God cannot do these things, 

then He cannot be all-powerful!

So the God we think we know cannot exist.

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God is said to be Omnipotent

meaning all-powerful.


Not exactly so.

No where in the Bible does it say this.

The Bible calls God  "Almighty"  

which we have turned into meaning all-powerful.

But we know there are many things God cannot do.

God cannot do Evil

God cannot Sin

God cannot Lie

But He can do that which He wants to do.

And that is what we mean when we say Omnipotent.

We do not mean He can do anything

We know He can't.

But we know  He can (and did) create animals and man.

We know  He can (and did) create the Stars and Planets.

And when you think of it.....Many planets are made of Stone.....

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You can read more about this by clicking here

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