Thursday, February 5, 2015

Religion: Cafeteria Style

The great thing about a cafeteria or buffet is there are so many different foods to choose from. 

You can pick your favorite things 

and ignore what you don't like.

It is fun to try something new.

And each time you go there you can get something different!

Sadly,  a popular new trend I see growing is the claim by people that although they believe in God,

 they pick and choose what aspects they want to accept and believe a cafeteria.

Worldwide there are so many different religions to choose from:

Many people pick what they like and Ignore what they don't like.

And when they are not satisfied or feel unfulfilled in their hearts with the pieces they have taken,

They go back to the Buffet of Religion and try something new.

But Religion is NOT a Buffet.

You can't pick and choose pieces of different religions and expect to feel "fulfilled".

It is not how God made you.

He made you to Hunger for Him.

Because He loves you and wants to have a Relationship with you.

He truly is the "Bread of Life" 

When you don't have that relationship with God you feel empty inside.

You don't know why.

You try to fill that emptiness with food..

Or drugs..

Or bad relationships.

And we take ourselves further away from the One we Truly Need.

So if you believe in God,

 who created all things, 

then you need to believe what He teaches you in the Bible.

It is truth

You can't ignore his commandments and think you are a good person and will go to Heaven.

For If there is a God,

 then there is a Heaven

And a Hell.

And there are angels

And Demons.

And  Jesus is real.

And so is Satan.

 It is a package deal, you can't pick and choose, 

you can't accept part of it and ignore the parts you don't like,

 Because then you won't be living in the Truth and the Light that is God's Word.

So who cares?  What does it matter?

More than anything in THIS world.

Your eternal life in the NEXT world (your true home) 

depends on your choices...........

And in His Word you will feel Fulfilled, Satisfied and Joyful

That is His Promise.


  1. That is a really good point! Nice post!

  2. @Silver Dawn & Dragon---Thanks!! =)

    did you see Life of Pi?? That is where I got the idea for this post

    Thought you'd like this. xD

      'NOTHER. :U