Thursday, February 12, 2015

Christian Historical Fiction

Lions of Judah
by: Gilbert Morris

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Is a 6 book series that begins

with a young Noah and ends with Rahab of Jericho

Through out the series there is a mysterious gold Medallion

that is handed from one generation to the next.

The keeper of the Medallion does not choose who to give it to.

When that person is soon to die, God speaks to them in a dream

and tells them who should receive it

One side of the Medallion is a Lion

The other side is a Lamb.

Those possessing it feel it is a promise of One to Come and Redeem them.

The 6 books are as follow:

Heart of a Lion
No Woman so Fair
The Gate of Heaven
Til Shiloh Comes
By Way of the Wilderness
Daughter of Deliverance

Don't be intimidated by there being 6 books, they are quick reads.

Each one puts you into the times of the main character

and you see life through their eyes

It is an interesting (albeit fictional) look into

the hearts and minds of some of our favorite people

in the Old Testament.

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