Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Targeted for Abortion

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On February 13, thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation, people with special needs and disabilities all around the globe celebrated with their own night to remember. The Foundation sponsored its first annual Night to Shine “at host churches in 44 cities, 26 states and 3 countries.” Over 7,000 guests attended with over 15,000 volunteers ready to serve them.

Guests had their makeup done, received crowns, walked down a red carpet, heard special messages, and danced the night away. At one prom in South Carolina, Tebow stopped and shined shoes for some of the guys.
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The people with special needs who attended the Night to Shine represent a community who is targeted for abortion. Abortion clinics advertise their services for children with disabilities – including ones as fixable as a cleft lipBabies with Down syndrome are aborted at an 80-90% rate. And all over the internet, parents tell their stories of being pressured to abort their children diagnosed with special needs.

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In his own message, Tim Tebow told the attendees that while this night was designed to make them feel like royalty, in God’s eyes, they are that special every single day:
"Tonight, our number one goal is to make you feel like kings and queens. But to be honest with you, every moment of your life, God looks at you like a king or a queen because you are so special."
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Here is A Great Video about This wonder Night to Shine:

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