Monday, February 16, 2015

God is Good

A lady I know is a devout, practicing Christian as is her entire family----except her brother.   As he became an adult he got in with the wrong crowd, alcohol, drugs, petty crimes---you know how the story goes.

After several years of this lifestyle, he decided to come back to Jesus.   He cleaned up and remained sober (and is still so to this day, 6 years later)   He became employed, engaged and is very happy.  

But his past life caught up with him.  Two years ago he was summoned to court for one of the crimes he committed earlier in his life.  He wasn't unwilling to pay restitution and accept responsibilities for his previous actions but he was scared. He could be sent to prison.  The judge assigned to him was known as one of those “hanging” judges---the kind that gives out the harshest punishments.  

On the day of court, this young man arrived early with his father and sat in the back waiting for his turn.  He prayed and his father prayed.  They prayed for grace and a miracle.

Two cases before his, the defendant, a woman, was called to the judge.   Her name was---Grace.

Then the case before his was called to the judge.   Another lady----and her name was---“Miracle”!!   

The young man and his father knew God was with them and all would be ok, even if he had to go to prison. He knew God was with him. 

Then the young man was called to stand before the judge.   There was a back and forth with review of the charges and possible sentences.  Then the judge studied the young man and said, “In light of the remarkable changes you have made in your life and the clean life you have lived for the past 4 years, I order you to pay restitution and court fines—no jail time.”

God is Good  =)

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