Sunday, September 29, 2013

Proof of God?

 Francis Collins is a doctor who was raised as an atheist.
 In the 1990's he became the lead scientist in the "Human Genome Project".
This project's goal was to map / sequence an entire human DNA molecule.
It took years to complete and during this time, Dr. Collins became a Christian.

Now he speaks to groups and writes books on how science is not only
compatible with God and the Bible, but that it proves God and the Bible to be true.
(I recommend his book: "The Language of God")

In one of his speeches he shows this beautiful slide of a stain glass window:

It is so beautiful, so intricate, so perfectly symmetrical
that it must have a designer, right?

Or perhaps it could randomly form itself out of a stadium filled with glass fragments
Given enough time and the right conditions

Then he shows this picture:

It is looking down a DNA molecule taken by an electron microscope.

Look at all those intricate pieces.

billions of molecules----perfectly arranged.

Found in the most complex creatures (man) and in the simplest (bacteria)

If you don't believe the stained glass window could ever form itself over time,

Why do you think this could?


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    You're absolutely right, of course! Precisely my thoughts.