Saturday, September 7, 2013


(Taken from The Gospel Coalition)

There will be times in everyone's life 

that we will need to comfort someone.   

Many people are very uncomfortable,

 not knowing what they should do / say.    

So often they choose to avoid the person who is suffering. 

This is the worst thing to do. 

 Here is a great advice from 

Pastor Doug Wolter of Humboldt, Iowa

H –  Remember Hope
Offer hope.   Your loved one may be asking, "why? why did this happen?"

It is okay to not know why, it is okay to say, "I don't know why" 

Remind them  that there is HOPE in Jesus Christ. 
Remind them that Jesus loves us and will help us, that He 
understands our suffering more than anyone and sympathizes with us in it. 

E – Enter into their pain; Empathize with them. 
Did you know that grieving with someone can be
 the single most helpful expression of love and care?

(John 11:35)

Weep with them.
 Just be there for them and be with them.

L – Listen to them and Love them 
The Apostle James says, “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” 
If you must speak, tell them, “I am standing with you. I am grieving with you.”

And love them in tangible ways:  
Make a meal. Offer a small gift. Spend time with them.

P – Pray for them ; Patiently walk with them through their journey of suffering.  

When we suffer deeply, we may find it hard to pray.

When loved ones suffer, we can pray for them
and by such we help carry their burden.


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