Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is this blog going to the Dogs?

Just a little joke to get your attention.

I wanted to share with you a little theory I have concocted all on my own.

You ever notice how Dogs come in so many different Sizes and Shapes?

But you don't see this with different breeds of Cats

Or Horses

(ok, horses do come in different sizes)

Or Cows

Or any other animal that I can think of.

Only Dogs.

Why is that?

I have learned recently that the DNA of Dogs 
has some very unique parts

that allow them to be "transformed" 
by humans breeding them for so many different purposes.

We have, of course, dogs to love on.

Or to help farmers with herding

Or to help the Blind

(this one sings too!)

Or for Search and Rescue

Hunting  large animals

Hunting small animals

Getting rid of harmful animals

Retrieving Game

Or Other Needed Items



 Helping with the workload

And Transportation

You don't see this diversity with any other animal!!

So I conclude that not only is "Dog Man's Best Friend"

I think that Dogs are a true Gift from God.

Maybe our true Guardian Angels?

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