Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why do we look to our friends for Affirmation?

What is affirmation?

It is when we look to others to tell us we are _____ enough.
(fill in the blank with such things as: good, smart, pretty, popular, etc)

Many kids today (and actually in all generations) are troubled. We are worried about what others are thinking about us.  We are worried about being weird and drawing attention to ourselves.   We can get so occupied with this that we can actually worry ourselves sick!


So I've been wondering.   

Why are we "programmed" like this?   

Why would God put this notion in  us that we are driven to be accepted by others.  

We don't want to be center of attention necessarily, 

but we want everyone to think we are cool, beautiful, smart, funny, popular, etc.

So why do we have this desire to be accepted by others?  

And why do we worry so much that we are not accepted.  

Why do we care so much?

I think we are misdirecting this desire to be accepted when we look to others.

Instead of focusing on getting acceptance from others....

I think we are meant to focus this desire for acceptance to 


God has a Perfect Love for Us

And He wants to share it with you.

If you let him

I promise you, it will fill that void you feel in your heart.

Never, ever,ever forget this:

YOU are worthy of his love.

He doesn't care about who is
 most popular
the smartest
the prettiest

He loves YOU 


See, I think we are meant to be driven to be accepted by Him and  Him alone.

 So Remember:


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