Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'll Believe It When I See It

This is a common thought among those who do not know the Lord.  

I say, that's a person who isn't thinking.   I don't mean to sound insulting (only just enough to grab your attention).   So think about it---You'll Believe in God WHEN you see Him?  Isn't that a bit too late?  I mean that basically says, when I die and IF there is a God and IF there is a Heaven, THEN I will believe!  

Well, that's too late!  You will stand before Him and he will send you away from Him.  He believed in YOU all those years, but YOU never took the time to think about Him, learn about Him and Believe in Him.  With great sorrow he will turn you away from Him as you chose to do all your life.

But really, when a person says "I'll believe it when I see it" they are saying they just can't find proof of God in the world they are looking at.   What this person isn't understanding is there are MANY things we cannot see.   Molecules, Distant Planets, Ancient Civilizations----we can't SEE them, but we believe in them because we can read / learn about them.

BUT WAIT!!  There is a wonderful book from which YOU can learn ALL ABOUT GOD!  Just as you can pick up a science book to learn about molecules or other planets, or a history book to learn about other civilizations---the Bible will teach you all about God.

But who says the Bible is Real?  Historians.  More and more historians are finding PROOF of what the Bible tells us.  Just one example of many----> They read from Roman Historians (who did not believe in GOD) write about the miracles of the son of the Jewish God named Jesus.  

Archaeologists are finding remains of cities mentioned in the Bible that were thought to be make believe---like the city of Jericho.  At one time no one believed it was a real place, but then archaeologists found it and now it is in every history book.

Scientists----are finding proof of the Bible.  Actually the Bible said, 4000 yrs ago that God hung the Earth in the Sky with the Stars---meaning the world is NOT flat.   Science didn't prove it until about 700 years ago.   6,000 years ago  God said there is a beginning to the universe, and that (sing it now!) "it all started with a Big Bang" (I love that show!)  and it was about 50 years that Science proved it.

So, If you CAN BELIEVE things you read in books, and if The Bible is TRUE---then what could you learn from the Bible about God??  And---would you Believe it if you Read it???   I challenge you to do so!

Now in all honesty, it is a hard book to read. This is why Church/ Sunday School is so important, they really help me to understand what the Bible teaches us, that is why I recommend it so much.

If you are "On the Fence" talk with a friend who believes..,.. ask them why they believe.   Ask them what they know.  Ask them if you can go to Church / Sunday School.   I pray you do this!

I pray you do this so that when you DO SEE GOD, that means you have died and are standing before HIM in Heaven and He will smile and welcome you.

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