Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank You, Lord

Heard this Prayer today from Michel Quoist and wanted to share:
Thank you Lord, thank you.
Thank you for all the gifts that you have given me today,
Thank you for all I have seen, heard, received.
Thank you for the water that woke me up, the soap that smells good, the toothpaste that refreshes.
Thank you for the clothes that protect me, for their color and their cut.
Thank you for the newspaper so faithfully there, for the comics (my
morning smile), for the report of useful meetings, for justice done and for big games won.
Thank you for the street-cleaning truck and the men who run it, for their morning shouts and all the early noises.
Thank you for my work, my tools, my efforts.
Thank you for the metal in my hands, for the whine of the steel biting into it, for the satisfied look of the supervisor and the load of finished pieces.
Thank you for Jim who lent me his file, for Danny who game me a cigarette, for Charlie who held the door for me.
Thank you for the welcoming street that led me there, for the shop windows, for the cars, for the passers-by, for all the life that flowed swiftly between the windowed walls of the houses.
Thank you for the food that sustained me, for the glass of beer that refreshed me.
Thank you for the car that meekly took me where I wanted to be, for the gas that made it go, for the wind that caressed my face and for the trees that nodded to me on the way.
Thank you for the boy I watched playing on the sidewalk opposite.
Thank you for his roller-skates and for his comical face when he fell.
Thank you for the morning greetings I received, and for all the smiles.
Thank you for the mother who welcomes me at home, for her tactful affection, for her silent presence.
Thank you for the roof that shelters me, for the lamp that lights me, for the radio that plays, for the news, for music and singing.
Thank you for the bunch of flowers, so pretty on my table.
Thank you for the tranquil night.
Thank you for the stars.
Thank you for the silence.
Thank you for the time you have given me.
Thank you for life.
Thank you for grace.
Thank you for being there, Lord.
Thank you for listening to me, for taking me seriously, for gathering my gifts in your hands to offer them to your Father.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you.
-Michel Quoist, “Prayers”
Everything is a gift from God, even the smallest things, and it’s the sum of these gifts that makes a life beautiful or sad, depending on how we use them.


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    1. By the way, I've made a sort of God & life lessons blog...if you want to see it! ^.^

      P.S I've invited you to become an author on
      Please accept!

    2. By the way, you know when we die we go to Heaven, do you think that every single person does?
      Bad ones too? Or do they go back to Earth and have a second chance, or what?
      Also, what do you think about other religions? Will they go to Heaven too? I mean, will it be the same for then? Won't they be rather cheesed off when they find, as we believe, they're wrong?
      What if WE are the "wrong" ones?

    3. Those are excellent questions and no one really knows the answers, but I'll tell you what I think (then you can tell me what YOU think!)

      I do not think everyone goes to Heaven, the Bible is very clear on that, specifically bad people do NOT go to Heaven. God is Pure and without Sin and therefore no one with sin can be in His presence

      The bible says nothing about reincarnation, I do not think that happens at all

      I really don't know about other religions, I do think Jews go to Heaven if they are devout to their covenent with God, bc they are God's choosen people.

      The reason I "know" we are right and others are wrong is bc the Bible is proven over and over again to be true in so many ways and in so many if it is true, than God is Real and so are his Commandments and His promises for us to live in eternity with Him.