Monday, March 11, 2013


I have gotten too caught up in other things and have neglected this blog.....I began feeling uninspired and then realized it is because I am not spending enough time in God's word.  I have prayed to get my head back on straight and renew my commitment to this blog, because what can be more important in my life right now than spreading God's word?

So I have set a goal to post every week, twice a week if I can.

I pray this blog is a blessing to you and that you get enjoyment from it and hopefully learn from it  and find a new way of thinking about things!   I appreciate ANY feedback / comments, especially from those of you who may be "on the fence"....If God can use me to bring you closer to Him, what greater thing could there be?  

And if you are a Believer who can bring a friend to this blog who is maybe not so sure, what a great gift that would be!  To me for getting a new viewer, and if they come to believe, how great a friend are you?!

Remember how Jesus said in the parable of the lost sheep how He celebrates every lost sheep that returns to  Him, even greater than those who never strayed.


  1. I love this blog! It's so inspirational...I learn a lot, I really do.