Saturday, March 9, 2013

What is your favorite bible story and why?

I love the story of Joseph...besides being a great story what strikes me the most is his time in jail for a crime he did not commit....because (1) it tells us to keep faithful even in the worst of times and (2) sometimes God allows bad things to happen as part of His plan for bestowing a great blessing upon us.

See,  had he not been in jail and met the pharoah's servant then he would never have met the pharoah and become 2nd in command of Egypt and devise a plan that saved 1000's of lives including Israelites.

So...what is your favorite story amd why?


  1. I like the story of Korah and Moses, because so many things can be learned from it, including that you sometimes have to live with what happens.

    (plus, it is my portion for my Bat Mitzvah)

  2. so what does that mean "It is your portion"---do you have to read it?? In Hebrew?

    I don't know who Korah is or her relationship to Moses...can you 'splain it?

    1. Sure!

      I have to read that part of the Torah aloud at my Bat Mitzvah (in Hebrew).
      Korah is a person in my portion who challenges Moses' leadership. Korah claims that Moses has brought the people of Israel from Egypt to die in the desert. So, to sum it up, he gets swallowed by the ground, the Lord gets angry with the people of Israel, the Lord designates the House of Levi to take care of the Tabernacle, and tithes are created.

      Did that help?