Saturday, March 30, 2013

In My Own Words

Thinking and reflecting and praying on yesterday's post, and some questions from you and others that is a difficult thing to understand, why He had to die, why can't God accept us as we are.....and here is what I came up with:

God is 100% pure, 100% goodness, 100% love.    If you have something that pure, can you add even 0.0000000000001 % of bad and it maintain it's purity, it's goodness?  No.  And if you multiply that by the billions of peoples from the beginning of time, that 0.0000000001% becomes like 10% or maybe 25% or maybe higher.

This is why we cannot go to Heaven. We would "contaminate" God's purity and goodness and love.  We are sinful by nature.  If you throw one rotten apple into a basket of good ones, does it become good?  No, it causes the others to rot.   How can God allow ANY sin into Heaven??  Even the sin of "well, I just borrowed it, really"---when you take someone's pencil without asking....yes, something that small, something that is really only 0.0000000000001% sinful, bad or evil.... separates us from God.  He cannot risk being "contaminated" even with that small amount of "bad".

The only way we can enter Heaven and be with Him is if we are forgiven and "cleansed" of our sins.  And what "cleanses" us is the Blood of Jesus Christ.

But why did he have to suffer so greatly??  Well, even if all of us only commit "little sins", like stealing a piece of candy, telling a little lie.......combine that with the billions of peoples that have ever lived, and that really really adds up!!    But of course many of us don't just commit "little" sins.  We hurt others with our words, we gossip about others, we tell lies---alot, we disobey our parents, we do not put God first in our lives.....that's ALOT of sinning!!  And even though we may think, "well its not like I killed anyone", all those sins world wide and through out history really add up!

So Christ had to pay the debt for all that sin.  It is like you did something wrong and need to be spanked when you were a little kid.  Does that mean your parents don't love you?  No, they do.  And God loves us, but we need to be punished.  And as He is about to punish us, Jesus steps in and says, "Please, Father, punish me instead."   Now THAT is how much Jesus loves us....

So where your 'little" sins may only deserve one thorn of his crown pressed into His scalp, all the billions of us add up our sins and cause him to have to be scourged, beaten, kicked, spit on, cursed and crucified. That is the debt of all our combined sins.

Now, do you appreciate it??  I mean, here Jesus comes in and says "Punish me instead".  and what do you do with that?? Do you laugh and say, "Hey, better him than me!" and continue to sin?  Or do you accept this awesome gift, appreciate it, humble yourself and say "Thank you".  And be redeemed and re-born with this gift?  (and your "prize" for choice B is:   Eternal Life in Heaven---however, your "prize" for choice A is:  separation from God in Death, otherwise known as Hell)

Think about it....pray about it.....become new in Christ.


  1. Wow! That made so much sense!
    Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you x infinite = not enough thank yous.

    1. thank you! and it was your comment that inspired that, so really, thank you for that great question yesterday or I never would have came up with this post!