Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ketchup VS The White Shirt

So already, just by the title,
you know how this one turns out!

You wear a white shirt.

You grab some fries.

You dip them in ketchup.



Yep! Ketchup lands right in the middle of the shirt!

Never fails.

Why is that?

I suggest that whatever we wear,
we are just as klutzy.

But that ketchup doesn't show up as well against a colorful shirt.

Sin is like that, when we measure our actions against God's will.

When we behave sinfully in a secular world,

we don't notice the stains we put on our souls.

But when we become Christians

and measure our actions against the purity of God's goodness

our sins glare at us

Like ketchup on a white shirt.

But unlike the ketchup stain that is nearly impossible to make clean.

God's grace is enough

to forgive us all our sins.

He washes our souls clean with the Blood of The Lamb,
His Son,

Our Lord, Jesus Christ

Will you accept His gift and be washed Clean?


  1. Replies
    1. you are so nice, thank you! =)
      to be honest, this one is not my creation, I borrowed it from Pastor Greg Laurie, but he was talking about coffee stains