Sunday, October 27, 2013

Empathy by Natural Selection?

The Theory of Evolution has its foundations in "Natural Selection".
This is the process also known as "Survival of the Fittest".

According to believers in the religion of Evolution,
all living things are the result of random mutations which produced a more "fit" creature
which was better adapted for survival permitting one kind to evolve into another.

Contrast this with what the Bible teaches. 

It teaches us that God created us in His image.
Thus, as God is compassionate and loving, so are we.

Think about it, somewhere in our DNA, God has tucked into our very being
a desire to love others and to be loved.

We have empathy for those that hurt, and we want to make them feel better.

These emotions could only come from a supernatural being.

There is no evolutionary advantage to them.

If we are the product of random mutations 

and we are simple slaves of our DNA, who's goal is to reproduce,
then why should emotion "evolve"?

The Bible justifies us as emotional, loving beings.

Evolution can not explain or justify it.
It is simply---Eat or be Eaten.
Reproduce that DNA or Die.

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