Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Psalm of Redemption

By "Cereal-In-A-Bowl"
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Hail the God of creation
Hail the God of mercy
for His hands extend to the lowly
and the downtrodden
Who am I that He would cast His eyes upon me?

O Lord my God Your mercy is forever
for Whom shall I flee to when I am pursued by enemies?
Whom shall rescue me from those who are persecuting me?
Surely the Lord shall not abandon His chosen ones?

No, His mercy endures forever
and His love forever more
His hands outstretched to everyone to Whom all souls implore
the world is vast- a cave, a den of thieves
the children cry out to Him
and He delivers them all!

Mighty is His name
and glorious is His might
His name praised be forever
and ever
His hand extends to all
Who calls upon His name
Blessed be God
praised be His name
for all the nations shall know
He is the God of every nation...every man

I gaze upon His throne
from where mine soul is cast abyss
He held His mighty hand and delivered me from this
instead of giving me the punishment as I deserve
see, my hands were stained with sin...o how great was my sin?

But none is greater than Yahweh God...
His love overcame the numerous crimes I had committed
My hands were stained
I lay prostrate before Him my God
I was unworthy...shamed and filled with loathe....
but the Lord God Yahweh...He cast them away...His unfailing love covered me...
He called me by name ...
He clothed me with fine silk and perfumed me with things as fragrant as preserved fine wine!
He wore around my finger a ring of red ruby stone
and slayed the fattened calf ...and made my sins atoned!

O blessed be His name
for He is God of all
God of God
King of King
In Him alone...the Lord

He is the Lion of Judah
the King of all Whom He has called
in communion to Whom He has chosen
our names are written in the palm of His hand
He did not just die for just
a group of
He did for all ...for all
and they may know that He alone is Lord

Praise God of all creation
praise Him all you His people
Praise Him and exult His name
as high as the skies in Heaven
the cherub and the seraph all kneel in adoration
let our souls praise God on high
employ zest to praise the Lord...our God in Him alone we find
solace and comfort

For in His name all things dark
will shrivel and retreat
all evil shall perish and flee in great defeat
in Him the glory shines
O God; Father, Spirit, Son divine
Three in essence...and union ...also

Praise God the King of Kings
praise God for He alone is the Lord
for none is before Him and none shall go after Him
He alone is praised
and He alone is God

He alone Whose name called upon shall we be saved.

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