Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Please Pray for Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi is a Christian woman living in Pakistan

Asia Bibi
(woman in red is Asia Bibi)

She has been in prison for 4 years and now faces death by hanging.

Her crime?

Refusing to Convert to Islam.

Others lied to authorities that Asia insulted the Prophet Mohammad, 

Which she denies.

Even after her beating her with sticks she still denied insulting the Prophet.

And now they call for her death

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Persecution of Christians is on the Rise

In the Western World  Persecution comes in the form of Shame.

Don't believe me?

Next time you are in public, go up to someone and instead of saying 

"Nice Weather we're having today"

Say, "God is Glorious, don't you agree?"


Invite others to join you in a prayer at lunch.

We fear Persecution,

 we fear being made fun of,

or losing friends.

In the Middle East and Africa the Persecution is much more violent

And even deadly.

And that is beginning to spread into Europe and America.

Jesus told us we would be hated for loving Him

He said we would be Persecuted in His name.

So, Please

When you Pray,

Pray for Asia Bibi's Freedom

And for Freedom for ALL to worship

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