Monday, August 5, 2013

Breakfast with Judas

Just ordered this book:

I keep hearing about it on the Radio  (Shine FM 95.1 ----->)

and went to the web site:

and it looks AMAZING!!

This is what the Author says:

The Risk of Underestimating the Enemy

We tend to underestimate how strongly our Enemy feels about us. This is dangerous, because the Devil does not simply “dislike” us. The Bible makes it clear that instead he regards us with a deep, seething hatred. In fact, it’s his strong desire to introduce to us some temptation or distraction that will not just preoccupy us, but overwhelm us and eventually even devour us.

And here is an Excerpt from his book:
FROM Breakfast with Judas (page 62):
“You see,” Judas explained to John, “instead of providing people with hope, what Jesus really should have done was shown them some anger. Instead of patience, He should have harshly disciplined them, with maybe even a little justifiable fury. And instead of love, what they really needed to feel was the bondage of fear.”

And related commentary from the Author:

Satan would have us think that God is just a bigger version of ourselves, maybe even with many of our obvious (and hidden) flaws. We are encouraged by Satan to suspect that God is occasionally temperamental, possibly inconsistent on how much He cares for those He loves, and potentially even insecure. In short, a lot like us.
Nothing could actually be further from the truth. The Bible reveals God as remarkably different from us. For example, God is never “temperamental”. Because He is perfect, His every action is always perfectly justified. He cannot be  inconsistent, because His justice and understanding are complete in all ways. God is utterly secure in His Kingship, in His authority, in Himself and in every other way. In fact, for untold millions of eons and long before the arrival of man, God has been complete within Himself, and in need of absolutely nothing. We do not “complete” God, but God certainly completes us.

Sold me!!   

IF you are going to read it let me know, maybe we can have an online book club!

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