Friday, August 16, 2013

Evolution Vs. God

Interviews experts on Evolution.

Great movie you can watch for Free Online!

It's only about 40 minutes long:
(and it's free)


Watch it and Tell me what you Think!


  1. I haven't seen the movie, but my teacher says that people have also found remains of the Dead Sea scrolls that were used in one of the books of the Bible, but they have also found ancient human remains, dating back thousands of years. Genesis says that Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth, and that they ate a fruit from the Tree of Life, causing sin to be spread into the world. So, who knows? I do know that I'm on God's side.

    1. Sounds like you know a lot and are interested in learning more!

      The Dead Sea Scrolls were an important find bc they were proven to be written like 400 BC and they say the same things that the Bibles that are published today say (old testement anyway) so for people who say no way could the bible be accurate after 2000 years of copying it, it shows that it is still accurate.

      And there are human remains many 1000's of years old, so that causes some confusion about the age of the earth, but that is a subject of another post: The Genesis Code.

      And Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Knowledge which they had been forbidden to do, so yes, that introduced sin into the world.

      I find all of this to be so fascinating, it ties in History and Science and Philosophy all together, which are 3 things I really like, so I love to learn all I can about the Bible =)