Saturday, April 30, 2016


God calls upon us to serve one another.
Serving others for Christians is  often called a Ministry

We often think of Ministries as  charities
Like Soup Kitchens or Food Pantries.   

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Or Helping at Shelters

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Or even reaching out to those who may not have ever heard the Word of God.

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But what I learned recently is you can take your normal day,
your work day, your school day, etc
and turn it into a Ministry!

At our local hospital there is a lady who is the cashier at the cafeteria.

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She greets everyone with a huge smile and friendly hello.

She works to maintain a clean and attractive environment.

See, being at the hospital her customers are mostly 

the worried family and friends of patients.

So she has a ready hug, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen

 for anyone who needs it.

She has even prayed with her customers before.

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She was telling me how her job is much more than a job to her.

She considers it a Ministry.

That was profound to me.

What a great way to serve God!

I have a candy bowl at my work station that I now consider my Ministry.

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My work station is kind of tucked away in the back of the building 
So I put candy out so my co-workers  won't forget I am there!
(But never Reese Cups, bc I eat always eat them all!!)

They come see me for a "candy break"

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When they stop by  I try to provide a friendly smile.

If they feel like chatting I have a ready ear.   

I have listened to them express concerns about their patients.
(most of my co-workers are nurses)

Sometimes it is about the boss
(don't' we all have those days!)

Sometimes its about difficulties at home.

One time I was able to witness to my co-worker

And invited her to join me at church
(She has yet to take me up on it, but I the offer will always stand, of course!)

I haven't yet prayed with a co-worker,

But I have been asked to pray for them!

I never really thought a simple act of keeping a candy bowl

Could provide so much!

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How can YOU

Turn your average day into a Ministry???

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