Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I hate you!

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Have you ever heard those words?

Have you ever spoken them?

Haters are everywhere.

We hate based on

skin color,

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Because of the groups we belong to,

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What politics we follow..

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Hating is easy.

That's why there is so much of it in the world.

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Love is much harder.

And loving the one that hates you may be the hardest thing of all.

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But who are we as Christians if we cannot love those who hate us?

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(This Black Officer is helping a White Supremacist who fell ill at a racist rally)

Christ loved everyone

Including those who hated him

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And He was is hated more than any other.

Please Pray with me:

"God, please help me to see everyone as you do.
Help me to see everyone as your beloved child.
Please give me the compassion to love those I do not even like.
And give me the grace to love those who hate me.


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