Sunday, April 10, 2016

Connecting some Dots

In Genesis we learn the how the world was created by God.

On the First Day God said, 

"Let there be Light"

And God saw that the Light was Good

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And He separated the Light from the Dark.

And on the Seventh Day, God Rested.

He declared this Day Holy and it became known as the Sabbath.

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Jews continue to keep the Sabbath Holy.

In Biblical times absolutely no work was to be done 
on this Holiest day of the week.

So when Jesus died on the 6th day (Friday) it was late in the afternoon.

In Jewish tradition, the next day starts at sunset.

So sunset Friday night turns into the Sabbath.

So the Jews who loved Jesus did not have much time.

They were quick to remove his body from the cross and secured into a Tomb

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This had to be done before the sun set.

And because the Sabbath was at hand, they did not have time
to entomb Jesus properly.

His body was not properly prepared.

So the women who wanted to prepare their beloved Rabbi's body properly 
had to wait until the First Day of the next week, 

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That is, Sunday.

I was reflecting on this and also noting how it is said
that the Old Testament gives constant parallels / allusions / foreshadowing of
the events of the Resurrection.

Yes, from Day One this was God's plan.

So I wondered, could there be a parallel or significance to 

The Day of the Resurrection occurring on the First Day of the week?

Jesus is called "The Light"

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Jesus is called "Good"

And in His Resurrection Jesus defeats Satan 

He separates the Light the Dark.

And In His Resurrection Jesus defeats Death 

He separates the Living from the Dead

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I don't know if scholars would agree.

But I think I see the parallel.