Monday, April 4, 2016

Horton Hears A Who

Have you ever read or seen  Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss?

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It is the story of an elephant who hears the voices of this very tiny group of people who live in a speck of dust.   The mayor of this tiny town asks Horton for protection.   And Horton makes a promise to do just that, because "a person's a person no matter how small"

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The other animals cannot hear the voices in this speck of dust, so they assume Horton has become insane.    They plot to take the speck away from Horton and destroy it.   And they almost succeed.  

As they are about to drop the speck of dust into boiling beezle nut oil Horton tells the mayor that everyone must make as much noise as they can so the animals in Horton's world can here them.   But although the tiny people yell and yell, they are not heard.

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 But then the mayor sees one small child who is not yelling.   When this tiniest of tiny people lets out his yell, suddenly the animals can hear them.

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 Then the animals believe and help Horton in his mission to keep the speck of dust safe.

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I never noticed the Christian undertones to this story until I saw it being done as a Bible study.    This story tells us that we should be like Horton, and remain faithful.   Regardless of our surroundings or how hostile the people around us come against us.
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This story also helps to illustrate that  God often uses the smallest and weakest of us to make Him known, to give Him the greatest voice.  

We see that often in the Bible.  God picks the underdog to make Himself known to the world.   Moses the stutterer and outcast, led the Hebrews to Freedom.    Joseph, a slave, leads a nation through difficult times.   Esther, one of the many wives of the King, protects her people from persecution.

Additionally, as we are living in a world filled with non-believers, we may be ridiculed for our faith.    And although we see the prove of God's existence, and the proof may be right there in front of you, the non-believers harden their hearts and push away that proof.

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