Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Map Making

I didn't realize that in this world today
there are still map makers

And there is an annual contest hosted by the
Cartography and Geographic Information Society

And making maps is not a simple process!

There is alot of Data to choose from for your map.

Which roads, towns, airports, monuments to display?

Left: Imus map of Cincinnati. Right: National Geographic map of Cincinnati

How to best express land marks, natural or man-made.

When is a lake too small to be included?

And how do you overlap labels so not to cover up an entire town?

Left: Imus map of Chicago. Right: National Geographic map of Chicago

David Imus won this contest in 2012
(in the above pictures his map is on the left, Nat Geo on the right)

Here is his map:


It took him 6,000 hours over a period of 2 years to produce this map

I got to thinking about the 1000's of maps of the USA
produced over 100's of years and wondered...

Did these maps retain their accuracy?

One of the common flawed arguments non-believers use
is that the Bible is filled with human error because it has been
copied over and over again.

Well---so are maps.

And although there may be small errors in maps,

And I bet there are one or two in the winning map above,

which might be as simple as a mis-spelled or  a slightly mis-placed town,

The message of the map is the same!

Even with 1000's of copies being made---Over 100's of years!

I can still figure out how to get from New Jersey to Oklahoma

By way of Illinois if I so desired.

The message of the map is intact, unaltered and remains true.

And even more so our Bible.

If you want to learn more about map making, 
and especially about the 2012 winner
Click Here

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