Sunday, January 10, 2016

Love your Body

I don't know a single person who likes they way they look.

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Who likes their body, their hair, their face.

But you don't realize how special that body is.

Think about this:

How did you come to be?

Right now I  don't mean your physical body, 
which came from your mom and dad

I mean


God created your soul, your being.

You are His creation.

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He creates you,

then places you in a vessel

called your body.

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You may not like the body He has placed you in

But He put you in that specific body for a specific reason.

There are no accidents.

Meet some Wonderful People

Who are Comfortable in their Own Skins:

Meet Ciera Swaringen

At birth, Ciera was diagnosed with Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus - a skin condition that causes oversized moles or birthmarks

  • Ciera Swaringen was born with mole-like birthmarks all over her body 

  • She was diagnosed with the rare condition 

  • Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus

  • All her life she  has been enduring cruel taunts from strangers and classmates,
  • But Ciera has learned to love her body, saying: 'Everyone is born different' 

  • She says: 'We all have something about us that's unusual, whether it's on the inside or the outside'

    She uses her condition to raiser money and awareness of the condition

    Learn more about her fundraiser by clicking  HERE

    Meet Lizzie Velasquez

    Has been called the Ugliest Woman on Earth

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    Lizzie Velasquez is one of only three people on Earth born with an unusual genetic ailment that prevents her from gaining any weight.  She has never weighed over 62 pounds in her life, and in addition, Velasquez was also born sightless in her right eye.
    She has been bullied much of her life.   While in High School she discovered a video of herself on YouTube labeled "The World's Ugliest Woman"  But instead of suffering from anger, hopelessness and depression, Velasquez took a different approach to her attitude.
    She choose to serve Jesus Christ. She acknowledged her trust in Jesus allowed her to withstand anything from ridicule to bodily frailties.
    "It's been my rock through everything, just having the time to be alone and pray and talk to God and know that He's there for me," said Velasquez.
    Image result for She discovered a video of herself on YouTube labeled "The World's Ugliest Woman" prior to her junior year of high school.
    Learn more about Lizzie by clicking Here

    Meet Harley Dabbs

    Woman who survived house fire aged two gets phoenix tattoo after beating suicidal thoughts

    When she was two she was in a terrible house fire

    and 85% of her body was burned

    Harley Dabbs was two years old when a house fire left her body with 85 per cent burns. Despite her horrific injuries, she defied medics who believed she only had a two per cent chance of survival

    She was given a 2% chance of survival

    Harley's younger years were not easy for her and she would cover up her skin as 

    much as possible.  She said: ‘At the time I didn’t feel okay with myself, going to

    school or just out in public was very hard for me,I would even wear coats and 

    pants during the summer. I just didn’t want to be seen. I couldn’t handle the 

    stares and comments people would make.’

    But after turning to God, Harley managed to get through tough times.

    She explained: ‘I got tired of feeling the way I did about myself and realized this 

    negative person wasn’t me and what happened to me, happened for a reason.

    God allowed me to live and I believe He allowed this – I’m supposed to help 

    others, burned or not, realize they’re beautiful regardless of what society 


    To celebrate what God has done

    Harley got this tattoo of a phoenix rising

    PIC FROM HARLEY DABBS / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Harley Dabbss pheonix tattoo.) A burns survivor who defied medical odds after having a TWO percent chance of survival calls herself a real life phoenix - and has the tattoo to prove it. Aged two, Harley Dabbs, spent three months in hospital when a terrible house fire left her small body with 85 percent burns. Her badly scarred skin made her a target for bullies and as a teen she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. However, the pretty blonde, who calls herself a phoenix after the mythological bird which is reborn from ashes, learned to wear her scars with pride. - SEE CATERS COPY

    Learn more about Harley by clicking Here

    We all are wonderfully made by God

    He loves us dearly.

    Our circumstances or outward appearance can never change this.

    He created us not just for Him to love

    But for us to serve a greater purpose.

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    Will you allow God to Love you?

    Will you serve Him so He can fulfill His purpose?

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