Saturday, October 10, 2015

Do you believe in Ghosts?

I have an atheist friend who believes in supernatural beings such as ghosts

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But not a supernatural being such as God.

That confuses me.

If you can accept things existing outside of the natural world

then why can you not accept the possibility of God?

What are ghosts?

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If they are spirits of the dead 
then you are accepting there is something more to us

Something beyond what science can explain.

And if we have the ability to become ghosts,

why doesn't everyone become one?

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Where do the spirits of those who die and not become ghosts go to?

Wouldn't that be heaven?

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So you are accepting a supernatural world beyond our own.

A world that is beyond our understanding, 

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beyond the ability of science to describe it. 

If you accept that we have spirits that can become ghosts or go to some other world than why can't you accept the possibility that this supernatural world filled with supernatural spirits might just have a supernatural being that has powers beyond our comprehension?

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How can you believe in ghosts and not believe in God?


  1. This is a very nice rhetorical question, Tiggerkat!
    Although, I've heard people having the "sixth sense" to see ghosts?

    1. thanks for your comment---your timing is perfect---I've been so stressed / busy lately and feeling like I am trying to do too many things and wondering what to cut out of my life and was considering stopping blogging, thinking no one reads it anyway.........and truly, had that thought, and less than a minute later opened my email and saw this comment ...thanks for reading and commenting and keeping me going =)