Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Rose

Today I heard an old Bette Midler Song
Called "The Rose"

Check it Out:

The song is obviously about those who have been hurt by love

 and fear to try to love again.

This song encourages those who hide from love 

to nurture their love and allow it to grow.

However, by changing one word,

 this song took on a whole new meaning for me.

In the last few lines of the song, if you change "Sun" to "Son"

it transforms the song 

to one one the human condition when we do not have God in our lives.

Without God,

Our soul bleeds and hungers for a true love,

Without God,

We feel  unloved and alone 

and  we are afraid to take a chance.

Without God

we are afraid of being alone on the rocky road of life,

we are afraid of dying,  unwanted, unloved.

But if we just remember,

that no matter how alone we are

in the cold bitter snow of life, 

 if we accept the Son's love

we will blossom 

into a 



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