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An Inspiring Christian Trilogy

I just completed the City of God Series

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By Randy Ingermason

There is so much to say!

First, the author is a unique person---he has a 
PhD in Theoretical Physicist
and he is a believer!

Second,   the series is not only entertaining as 
historical fiction, it is also inspiring.

In the first book,  Transgression,

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we meet the main characters, Rivka,
 a brilliant archaeologist
and Ari a physicist working with
Damien, another physicist
 to create a wormhole that could allow them to go back in time.

Damien has evil intent,
he wishes to go back to ancient Israel,
about 57 a.d. and assassinate Paul,
aka Saul of Tarsus. 

Of course they succeed in their time travel
and of course our heroes, Rivka and Ari save Paul.
Damien dies and the worm hole collapses leaving
Rivka and Ari  trapped in ancient Jerusalem.

As over simplistic that description is,
there is actually a lot of action
and you will develop a real connection with these characters.

The book ends in such a way that you can easily stop there.

But don't!

If you are a believer (either Christian or Jew) 
or want to learn more about it, 
you must read the next two books.

In the second book, Premonition,

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Rivka and Ari are married, still living in Jerusalem.  
Rivka is well studied in ancient languages
and the Torah
and related historical readings such as those by Josephus.  

Because she knows much of what is about to happen,
she is considered a seer woman-----and quickly becomes a part of it.

In the third book, Retribution,

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This book leads us right up to the fall of Jerusalem,
but stops short of encompassing it.  

But this book is the most spiritual,
I felt I learned much about forgiveness
and what Christ did for us on the cross.

Or at least a different appreciation for it.

As a Christian, I found this book was the best of the series

It has been a long time since a book has effected me on such a level
that I felt a part of the story.

If you like Biblical based historical fiction, 

mixed with science, philosophy and theology

then this series is a must read!!

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The only negative I have on this series is it did not truly end.

The author's note at the conclusion of Retribution claimed the publishers did not want to continue the series, but Mr. Ingermanson did.

So I put on my sleuth's hat

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and searched his personal web site,

( click here )

hoping for continuation of the series in the form of
a blog, or e-book,
and found nothing.   

So I emailed him!

On Sep 19, 2015, at 2:08 PM, Jenifer Deitterick <tiggerkat101@gmail.com> wrote:

Just finished the City of God trilogy.....at the end of the ebook
Retribution you hinted to further stories in this series........do you still
plan to do so?

And he emailed back!!

Hi Jennifer:
Yes.  I spent 5 weeks in Israel this summer on a research trip.  2 of the weeks were spent working on an archaeological dig in Jerusalem just a few hundred yards from Ari and Rivka’s house.  

So I will be continuing the City of God series and will also be working on the Crown of Thorns series (about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.)  


  (this is Mr. Ingermason's avatar)

So I guess I will just have to be patient!  

NOT  by strong suit!!

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