Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Star Prophecy

When God placed the stars in the sky,

Image result for god created the stars

 he did so to share His story of redemption.   

This special story is in a series of constellations 
that today we call the Zodiac.

The story starts with the virgin maiden

Image result for Virgo

who would bear the promised redeemer 
who would pay the wages for our sins

Image result for Libra

To overcome the “Wounder of the Heel”

Image result for Scorpio

This promised one would be a Conqueror 

Image result for sagittarius
(Sagittarius the Archer)

Who would be the scapegoat of atonement

Image result for capricorn

And  bring living water for His people 

Image result for aquarius
(Aquarius the Water Bearer)

His people would be blessed even as they are bound .

Image result for pisces 
(Pisces the Fish)

Their blessings would be finally achieved 
through a Ram of Sacrifice 

Image result for aries
(Aries the Ram)

Who would become a ruling leader 

Image result for taurus
(Taurus the Bull)

A king with two natures—both Human and Divine

Image result for gemini
(Gemini the Twins)

  He would hold the people fast in His grip

Image result for cancer horoscope symbol
(Cancer the Crab)

And would ultimately reign as King over all the Earth 

Image result for leo horoscope
(Leo the Lion)

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