Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation
was written by the apostle John
to Reveal information for Christians
as it was Revealed to John in a vision.

For a Book that was meant to "Reveal" information
it is so difficult to understand that in truth
that it seems to reveal very little!!

That is because of the numerous symbols and imagery 
in this Book make little sense to us today.

Even scholars who spend their careers 
studying this book cannot agree on its meaning.

But I bet it made perfect sense to first century Christians.

This New Testament Book was written during the first century
after the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans in 70 AD.
when Roman persecution of Christians 
was wide spread and horrendous.
Christians suffered greatly at this time.

Some Scholars believe that the Book of Revelation was written 
especially (if not only) for these persecuted Christians.

That is, it is not a prophecy for the future
Especially not the distant future, 
where we are living today---or beyond

Other Scholars look at the symbols in Revelation
in the context of other prophetic writings 
such as in the Book of Daniel or the Book of Isaiah
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and determine that it is written to prepare all Christians
for the return of Jesus Christ---the Second Coming.

Some verses in Revelation seem to suggest 
things that could only occur in present day

For example Revelation 13:16-18 seems to suggest a 
cashless society whose members are "marked" 
to identify who can buy / sell products.
Could such a "mark" be an implanted computer chip?

Another interesting verse is Revelation 11:9-10
which states that the entire world will witness 
the death of two great prophets.

Never before present times did we have the technology 
to allow the entire world to view an event live
in real time.

Revelation 9:15-16 describes an army of 200 million soldiers 
from the kings of the East.
That was the entire population of Rome 
under the Roman empire in the first century, thus an impossible thing.

But today, China is East of Israel
and this nation could easily raise an army of 200 million.

So--who is the Book of Revelation written for?
First century Christians?
Or future Christians---maybe even us?

I believe it is for All Christians
in All Times.

Everything I study in the Bible, I am amazed
that wisdom written literally 1000's of years ago
are still applicable today.

And given that God's truths are eternal,
I truly believe the message of Revelation
was written to comfort 

suffering Christians every where
every when

And to remind us to remain faithful
because in the end,

Even if that end is death,

God wins
and His Good conquers all evil.

And that, I believe,
is what the Book of Revelation
Is meant to Reveal


  1. This is very interesting- thank you!

    1. I hope it answers your question, if not, please let me know! =)