Saturday, April 4, 2015

So What About Saturday??

On Friday, Jesus dies on the cross.  His body is removed from the cross, wrapped in a clean shroud and entombed.   A large stone is rolled to cover the tomb.  The Pharisees go to Pontius Pilate and tell him that this "imposter" named Jesus has said that in 3 days he will rise.  They are concerned that the disciples might steal his body to make it look like he arose and then riots may occur.  So Pilate orders the tomb to be sealed and guarded by Roman Soldiers.

But this was probably the furthest thing from the disciple's and the 1000's of followers' minds!  Although Jesus had told them he was to die, they didn't really believe it.  They still thought the Messiah would be one to overthrow the Roman Oppressors and build a new Temple of Worship.  His death probably shook them and created doubts.  How could the Son of God be killed so easily by man??  They saw Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, surely he could prevent his own death!  Yet he seemed unable to.   The followers disperse and hide.  They fear that they will be punished if they are found to be followers of Jesus.  (Read in the Bible, how Peter denies Jesus: Luke 22:54-62  You see that Peter is afraid.

If we count Palm Sunday as Day 1, then Saturday is the 7th day...the day of rest.    Remember in the creation, God rested on the 7th day.   On this 7th day of Holy week, Jesus "rests" from his work of Salvation.

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